Get Protected and Connected

Get Protected and Connected

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According to Gartner, one laptop is stolen every 53 seconds.

Up to 12,000 laptops are lost or go missing in US airports each week, 70 percent of those returned to lost and found are never reclaimed.

The cost of a data breach averages 197 USD per record.

Lost and stolen laptops and mobile devices continue as the most frequent cause of a data breach: Almost half (49 percent) of data breaches in the 2007 sample were due to lost or stolen laptops or other devices such as USB flash drives.

According to IDC, as much as 60% of important corporate data resides on desktop and laptop computers that are not properly protected.

The cost of recovering from a single data breach now averages $6.3 million - that is up 31 percent since 2006 and nearly 90 percent since 2005.

50% of organizations reported laptop or mobile device theft in 2007.

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Get Protected and Connected

As laptop computers become the system of choice in business, Dell is committed to helping commercial and public customers of all sizes to address the needs and challenges of the growing mobile workforce. "Get Protected and Connected" is an online resource that provides tips, services and research on mobile and security issues and solutions for the mobile worker and the companies that employ them.


Over 12,000 laptops are lost or go missing in U.S. airports each week, 70% of those returned to lost and found are never reclaimed*

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