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From the history of digital disruption to the hype surrounding today’s emerging technologies and the tech luminaries clearing the path to the digital future, these original podcasts from Dell Technologies keep you in the know.


Best-selling author and host Walter Isaacson unfolds the histories of the biggest digital disruptions of our time and the trailblazers behind them.

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The Next Horizon

Technology is changing faster than ever. Join Kelly Lynch and key innovators from Dell Technologies as they look toward the horizon of what’s next around emerging technologies.

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Join hosts Mark Schaefer and Douglas Karr on an IT transformation expedition as they explore where technology can take your business from the brightest minds in tech.

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AI: Hype vs. Reality

AI carries a lot of promise—and a lot of hype. Listen and watch as host Jessica Chobot puts present-day AI to the test and separates the hype from reality.

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