10 Compelling Reasons to Move to Dell OEM’s Next Gen PowerEdge Servers

So you’re still buying PowerEdge servers from Dell OEM, but why haven’t you made the switch to 12th Generation?  We understand that transitions can be tough, especially in an OEM environment; however, here are 10 compelling reasons to upgrade to our next generation of PowerEdge servers.

  1. Give yourself more time to get it right with the XL Programfor OEM’s, which provides an additional 12 months of overlap between subsequent processor and chipset changes.  Additionally, XL products have detailed change management reports to make you aware of planned component changes to eliminate surprises.

  2. Eliminate extra touch of your solutions by having the system configured with the BIOS and RAID settings you need before it leaves our factory thanks to the OEM Identity Module.

  3. Offer your customers options to take over the OEM LCD Control Panelon the front of the system.

  4. Take advantage of our Fresh Air  configurations which are now available across the entire portfolio.

  5. Utilize a lot  more PCIe slots to make sure all of your add-in cards have a home.

  6. Benefit from Select Network Adaptersthat provide multiple choices on onboard NICS without giving up PCI space – giving you more choices.

  7. PCIe Hot Plug SSD Hard Disks– A high-performance, solid-state storage device that enables high IOPS performance, far surpassing that of conventional rotating hard drives. This delivers exceptional performance in demanding enterprise environments, such as blade and enterprise servers, video-on-demand servers, Web accelerators and virtualization appliances.

  8. You can buy our most popular servers in multiple versions such as the R720 as a standard Dell product, a customizable OEM Ready platform, the XL Program version or as a Telco Carrier Grade NEBS Server. So depending on your market and your requirements you can pick the version or features which work for you, but all your qualifications and testing still hold.  Therefore, you can qualify one system without having to do multiple testing scenarios—saving you time and effort.

  9. The R720 and R620 are available as carrier grade versions – supporting your Telco customers’ specific requirements.  Check out dell.com/telco and #dell4telco on Twitter.

  10. Make it yours by letting Dell OEM Solutions customize the bezel and BIOS splash screen with your logo and design without the cost of additional regulatory approvals

Built from direct OEM customer feedback and supported by a global dedicated engineering, PG, and support team around the world, our 12th  Generation of PowerEdge Servers is designed with OEM in mind.  Contact us for an OEM Roadmap discussion together with more information on our portfolio of products and services through your local sales rep, our contact form or tweet us @delloem.

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About the Author: Joelle Coghlan