12th Generation PowerEdge Servers help Dell partners deliver valuable enterprise solutions

Dell’s launch of the next-generation PowerEdge servers last week has generated a great deal of excitement within the Dell community as well as major buzz externally. The new features and benefits have been documented in Sally Stevens’ blog post, here on the Dell website and stories like this one from CRN.

One aspect of Dell’s 12th generation servers that I’d like to elaborate on is the tremendous impact they are poised to have on our channel partners. We’re always striving to arm our partners with the tools and technologies they need to simplify their customers’ lifecycle management while helping them achieve more with their IT infrastructures, and this new line of servers is a major milestone in this effort.

The 12th generation PowerEdge family addresses the biggest challenges IT faces today. We think of them as systems designed by our partners and their customers and engineered by Dell. These new servers are a direct response to today’s enterprise needs, and we believe their value proposition is well-suited for the Dell PartnerDirect community. These servers help companies achieve more by improving system performance, increasing throughput capacity and turning data into insights faster.

Dell’s latest generation of servers are also capable of handling extremely demanding workloads like collaboration and high-performance computing. Our friends at Microsoft continue to roll out innovative business collaboration tools. In an effort to integrate all types of employee communication and provide a framework for supporting mobile users, companies are increasingly looking to implement Microsoft’s industry-leading unified communications systems. In this environment, our partners must ensure their customers are equipped with updated IT infrastructures to support these technologies. Dell’s 12th generation servers deliver faster, more reliable Microsoft collaboration systems through improved processing, memory and storage capacities that keep up with Exchange’s requirements. They also complement and enable a number of key Exchange 2010 features, including compliance and security upgrades.

Our partners are often asking us for ways they can improve their customers’ energy efficiency. Let me just say that our 12th generation servers knock it out of the ballpark on that front! Every component of our new servers is optimized for the most efficient operation, which minimizes power consumption. Dell’s breakthrough system design leverages high-efficiency voltage regulators, greater venting and air flow to reduce overall system level power. With Dell’s low-flow fan technology and advanced resource management, new PowerEdge servers help maximize performance per watt, and these systems are capable of adjusting in real-time to reduce overall energy use.

We pride ourselves in truly listening to our partners and developing technologies that address their customers’ most pressing needs. With Dell’s 12th generation PowerEdge servers, we’ve worked to meet that challenge and are giving our partners the necessary tools to achieve more, deliver real results faster and maximize efficiency for their customers.

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About the Author: Samir Ahmad