Making Support Easier Through Dell Support Center

If you wanted to find the address for a restaurant in another city or locate the closest bookstore, you’d probably look online. For a lot of folks, the Internet is the first place they look for the name, address and telephone number of businesses and services. It’s easy and it’s quick.

Update, 12-6: Some of you have reported errors with earlier versions of Dell Support Center. I just posted more details on how to uninstall and reinstall Dell Support Center. I hope this helps any of you who are still having problems with it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We’re about to roll out a new tool called Dell Support Center, and our hope is that it makes getting online support easier. When you click on the desktop icon, the application opens and presents links to:

  • Self-help tools

  • Dell support contact information

  • Resources that are specific to your systems

  • Other support and service resources

Dell Support Center makes it easier for you to find the service, support and system-specific information you need… when you need it. The Dell Support Center was designed by users for users. We started with a clean slate and asked customers to tell us what they look for on One clear message is that customers want to have information about their system at their fingertips.

At the very top of the Dell Support Center, you’ll find the model number for your system along with its service tag, express service code and warranty expiration. When you give permission to Dell to use your service tag, we can provide additional details about your system, such as available memory, disk space, installed hardware, network addresses and modem, installed security software, and much more. In addition, using your service tag, we can link you to the most relevant web pages for renewing your warranty, ordering accessories and installing recommended drivers and downloads.

Having this system-specific information at your fingertips can save you time and effort when maintaining your system or working with a Dell support technician.

We know how challenging it can be to quickly contact a support technician. That’s why the Assistance from Dell section of the Dell Support Center provides links to Dell Technical Support via email, chat or phone. You can also access online training materials and tutorials.

Dell Support Center launches soon and it will be available in multiple languages. During its development, over 160,000 Dell customers tested the software. One of the most popular sections was Self-Help Tools. In two-clicks you can check the performance of your system, access a network assistance tool, or learn about security and backup solutions.

We invite you to download this free application and try it for yourself. Visit If you’re interested in seeing the kind of functionality Dell Support Center provides, take a look at this video. It joins tools like PC Tune-Up and the updated DellConnect remote service to provide new ways to help you prevent issues altogether or to make it easier to diagnose problems when they do occur.

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