Parts & Upgrades For Your Dell

It’s pretty common these days for customers to want to add components to systems they purchased: more RAM, a bigger hard drive, a faster graphics card, etc. However, a lot of customers have a hard time narrowing down the parts they need.

To help with that process, today we launched a new Parts & Upgrades section on the United States website. Home Users can check it out here and small business customers can either click here or go directly to

Click on the screenshots below to see enlarged versions of them. 


You will be given 4 options from the main page:

  • Dell System Analyzer – Clicking the blue button will initiate a scan that takes a few seconds. From there, it will identify your service tag number, processor, memory and hard drive configuration and more.
  • Service Tag Search
  • Part Number Search
  • Search By Product – For folks who’d rather enter their own system details

After you scan or select your system, you have the option of choosing the type of device you’re looking to add. The search results that follow are meant specifically for your system.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca