2.12 firmware update now available for AT&T Venue Pro phones in the US

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Two AT&T customers,  @greghillensbeck and @philpeeps both pinged me yesterday on Twitter to let me know they received the 2.12 firmware update. This post is to confirm that we have started to roll it out to Venue Pro AT&T customers. You will receive a notification of an available update via your phone. You can also check it by going to Settings –> Phone Updates.

If you are a customer who recently ordered an AT&T-locked version of the Venue Pro, your new phone should have the latest firmware already installed. If it does not for some reason, you can update it via this same process. To check what version of the firmware you have installed, click Settings, then click About, then the More Info button. The Firmware revision number will be the second line in the second section of text. Look at the last three digits of this number.

The firmware update itself will require you to connect your Venue Pro to Microsoft’s Zune software. If you don’t have it yet, click on the image below to go get it:

Download Microsoft Zune software

Once you connect your Venue Pro to a machine with the Zune software installed, the update process is very similar to the one I blogged about for T-Mobile customers. Check out that post if you want to see the walkthrough:

#dellvenuepro 2.12 firmware update process post

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