XPS 720 H2C with QX6800 Quad Core Revisited

Wanted to provide an update since last week’s post on this topic. Since then, our engineering teams have made progress on this and we now expect to be able to fulfill orders with the QX6800 running at Bin +3 (or 3.73GHz) within the next four weeks.

If you are a customer with a pending XPS 720 H2C order with a ship date that has passed, you will be hearing from a Dell representative soon. At that time, you can do one of the following:

1) Leave your current order intact. This means you’ll have to wait longer
(we expect to ship orders within the next four weeks), but it also
means you will receive a system that will support 3.73GHz.

2) Work with a Dell representative who will re-enter your system order with the QX6700 Extreme Edition processor running at Bin+3 (3.46GHz). These orders should ship within two weeks and we will upgrade your shipping to Next Day.

3)  Work with a Dell representative who will re-order with the Bin+2 (3.46GHz) version of the QX6800 processor. These orders should be available to ship within two weeks also and will also get upgraded shipping to Next Day.

Essentially, choosing option #2 or #3 will get you a system that runs at 3.46GHz. But if clock speed is important, you can wait just a bit longer to get a system equipped with a QX6800 processor that runs at 3.73GHz. 

Thanks again for your patience.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca