Details on Latest Mobile Workstations

Earlier this week, we announced the Dell Precison M6300 mobile workstation. It joins the M4300 as our second mobile workstation based on Intel’s Santa Rosa chipset. The M6300 supports Core 2 Duo amd Extreme Edition processors up to the 2.8GHz X7900 processor, and the NVIDIA Quadro FX1600M for strong performance in graphics-intense applications that are commonly used by workstation customers. As far as displays, we offer two 17″ UltraSharp versions—one that supports 1440×900 resolution and another that supports 1920×1200.

Like the M4300, the M6300 supports up to 4GB DDR2 memory, and on the storage side, it supports optional 32GB solid state hard drives as well as traditional hard drives at capacities up to 200GB. Mobility is a key component, and we offer lots of flexibility there as well—Wi-Fi options include a/g/ and Draft-n; and on the mobile broadband side, we offer the Dell Wireless 5510 HSDPA card.

In this video, Mano Gialusis from the Precision team shares more details about the M4300 and M6300.

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