AMD’s Third Generation “Barcelona” Opteron Comes to Dell

I know that many of you who work with servers for a living are already familiar with AMD’s quad core processor called Barcelona. For those that aren’t, it’s AMD’s version of a quad core processor for servers, and it’s based on their Opteron architecture. If you want more background on the chip itself, take a look at CNET’s take on it as well as this overview article from Anandtech.

Initially, we will support Barcelona as an option on our 1U PowerEdge SC1435, 2U PowerEdge 2970 amd 4U PowerEdge 6950 servers. In this vlog, Glenn reflects on how we’ve worked with AMD in the server space within the last year, what Barcelona means to our customers,and why it’s an important part of our overall power and cooling strategy.

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About the Author: Lionel Menchaca