Vista Upgrade: COA, Change Order Details

Update: Direct2Dell readers like Miranda and Michael Show commented about having problems with their Certificate of Authenticity (COA). To any other customers who have an issue with your COA, please submit a comment letting me know and please be sure to complete the e-mail field so that I can have someone from Customer Care contact you directly.

I have modified the original post. I removed the first paragraph while I confirm whether the 800 number listed is an appropriate one for Dell customers to call. When I can do that, I’ll update this post again. The second part of this post remains intact. My apologies for the inconvenience. LM

Update: Thanks to Direct2Dell reader James for confirming that customers can now use the Vista upgrade site to change their order information. From the Dell Vista Upgrade site:

  • Click on the Order Status Link
  • Enter your order information (order #, service tag #, e-mail address or phone #)
  • From there, click on Update Your Order Information

If you would rather call to change details on your upgrade order, please call the Vista Upgrade Fulfillment Center at 1-866-409-9542. Two specific issues they can help you with:
1. You need to change Credit Card for order already placed.
2. You need to change the Ship To address for orders already placed. 

Please note: the Vista Upgrade Fulfillment Center hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm CST.

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