A word from the Wyse – BT Engage IT implements VDI for Teleperformance UK to reduce deployment complexity, cut energy costs, and enhance its green credentials

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PartnerDirect is Dell’s global channel partner program. Particularly in EMEA, numerous case studies showcase the capabilities of this international network of Dell Certified Partners. Over the coming weeks I’ll be blogging about some of these great success stories which demonstrate the true value-add that Dell partners bring to the table.

For most companies, a large desktop deployment represents a major challenge in terms of expense and strategic organisation. Yet for companies that provide outsourced contact centre services, planning and deploying desktops for each new contract comes with the territory. Teleperformance UK is no stranger to the challenge – the contact centre provider operates at 12 locations and has more than 6,000 staff across the UK. But with a new data centre in Scotland planned, the IT team faced an entirely new situation that wasn’t fit for purpose. The firm examined solutions from every angle – even considering putting in new generators and substations at the site – but the time and expense of these options wasn’t viable. Instead, the award-winning company hit on a great solution that solved the issue and saved money at the same time.

David Gilfillan, Head of IT, Teleperformance UK, says: “Rather than trying to increase the power going into the building, we asked how we could reduce the power being used by IT. A virtual desktop infrastructure was key to achieving this because our desktop systems consume a lot of power, but thin clients are energy-efficient.” Gilfillan worked with partner BT Engage IT to assess the thin-client market, before choosing Dell Wyse. He says: “With Dell Wyse thin clients we knew we’d get least another two years more of use compared to equivalent PCs that had to be replaced on a three year cycle.”

The virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is proving its worth when it comes to new contracts. Gilfillan explains: “The VDI helps us to deploy desktops quickly and smoothly. Previously, we’d have to configure each desktop individually making the whole process time and resource intensive. Now we can prepare a new configuration once and deliver it to the relevant desktops with minimum fuss.”

As one of the first companies to implement a VDI in the UK, Gilfillan learnt some useful lessons – not least of which is the need to get the infrastructure design right before beginning. “The quality of the support we received from BT Engage IT is integral to the infrastructure we developed,” he explains.

You can read more about Teleperformance UK’s VDI implementation here.

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