Adopt a Stronger Path to Cyber Immunity with New SonicWALL Capture

Performance, strategy and risks have long been topics that dominated boardroom discussions at every organization.  More so than ever before, board members and executives have been adding cyber-security to the conversation because of the growing fear of a material breach. 

How realistic is your plan to close security gaps when dealing with threats that you have never seen before?

The latest 2016 Dell SonicWALL Annual Threat Report affirms that every organization in every vertical continues to be under attack in ways that are more difficult to defend.  Too often we see threat actors using combinations of evasion techniques. They constantly modify their attacks to effectively circumvent poorly performing firewalls, intrusion detection systems and, in some special cases, even threat-analysis “sandboxes,” specifically engineered to stop them. Security vendors would come up with clever ways to detect their methods. In response, however, skillful malware writers would find new ways to work around them, such as the use of encryption, and code masking. Most dangerous of all is the use of anti-forensic mechanisms, which have the ability to recognize the presence of an early-generation sandbox and hide its native behavior to evade detection. 

This newer generation of malware and unknown, zero-day threats require you to continuously pave a better path toward cyber-immunity. To employ the right security controls and defend against these new advanced threats more effectively, there are numerous capable sandbox technologies available to you.  Each has its own unique approach in the way it collects and analyzes different malicious behavior inside an infected host system.  But like traditional scanners, the caveat is that each is designed to cover only part of the total threat. This basically leaves gaps in your cyber-immunity that can be exploited. 

To solve this fundamental problem, Dell SonicWALL is introducing its latest software release, SonicOS 6.2.6, with SonicWALL Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Service.  SonicWALL Capture ATP, a cloud-based service that works seamlessly with  the TZ (500 &600), NSA and the Supermassive 9000 Series for Dell SonicWALL next-generation firewalls, is the only advanced threat protection service that offers not just one but three best-of-breed third-generation threat analysis engines.  In contrast with all other competitive sandbox products, this is the first and only scalable design that can future-proof your cyber security defenses without a forklift upgrade by allowing newer threat analysis engines to be incrementally added as it becomes available to defeat new adversaries and tomorrow’s threats. 

With SonicWALL Capture’s multiple sandbox engines, the solution provides deeper and wider threat coverage than any competitive single sandbox engine on the market. Capture also has the ability to accept the broadest range of file sizes and types and can be configured to block suspicious files from entering the system until a verdict is reached.

 And to prevent follow-on attacks, signatures for newly discovered malware are quickly generated and automatically distributed across the shared security framework.  A detailed report of Capture’s events and activities gives you complete insight into the results and effectiveness of your security controls.  We have customers already benefiting from the beta service.

Angel Torres, CIO Credit Services, Inc. reports, “The new SonicWALL Capture service is another key addition to the suite of security tools that help us battle the new challenges that we face on a daily basis. By providing this new service, it feels like we have a partner working with us in the fight to keep our system secured. By preventing malicious files from entering our system, it helps keep our clients and our company more secure from new threats as they emerge.”

“We did some very rudimentary evaluations of other sandbox solutions, but SonicWALL Capture was the easiest to implement and most cost effective to license and manage.  Because it’s offered as an upgrade to our firewall and only requires a firmware update, testing and eventual deployment into a production environment was really easy. We are looking at utilizing this at our other sites as we focus on multiple, layered approaches to security,” stated Zachary A. Radke of Santa Fe Senior Living.

SonicOS 6.2.6 also delivers new SonicWALL Content Filtering Service 4.0 enabling IT to enforce security and offers productivity policies and blocks inappropriate content from the network. Two key features include: Block-page override, Bandwidth management and confirm actions and YouTube restricted mode.

I encourage you to download the latest release of SonicOS 6.2.6 today for your SonicWALL next-gen firewalls. For more detail information on our SonicWALL Capture, I recommend you read our “SonicWALL Capture Solution Brief.”

About the Author: Patrick Sweeney