AI at Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies has been on the journey to artificial intelligence for a while and we have stories to tell.

We are all witnessing and living through the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) at an unprecedented pace and scale, due in large part to increasing amounts of data, enhanced technological underpinnings and the propagation of connected devices. And although this may seem like a relatively recent occurrence, we have been paying attention to AI for quite some time. And making plans for it.

Interestingly though, it turns out that much of the progress we have made over the last few years came about organically, at the grass roots, as our various product business units began to focus on harnessing the power of AI for their products. As this technology proliferation began taking off across the organization it became clear that an ersatz strategy was developing. It was also equally apparent that business and product breakthroughs were underway. And now, a few years hence, we have made significant progress in this space.

Dell Technologies is an AI innovator. We have AI embedded in many of our products, making them better and smarter. We have the industry’s broadest and deepest portfolio of products and solutions enabling our customers to successfully deploy AI with, and on, our offerings. And we use AI internally across our business and supply chains, streamlining operations for us, our customers and our partners.

We are a leader in artificial intelligence. And we intend to lead by example, sharing some of the insights we’ve garnered along the way. So, we’re launching a series of short videos to paint a picture of the impacts of AI on our products and for our business. We believe that our three-tiered strategy of “AI in, AI on and AI for” illustrates our differentiated capabilities, not only as the essential provider of IT infrastructure to our customers, but as an early adopter and practitioner of AI and data science.

The first video in the series features Dell Technologies Global Chief Technology Officer John Roese. In the video he describes how our AI strategy came about and how it is guiding his thinking and the direction of the company.

Although our journey to AI may not be unique, we want to share the story of it as an example of what can be accomplished with the technology. We believe that organizations big and small will see themselves in the stories and begin to embrace artificial intelligence at whatever entry point makes sense for them. And when the decision is made on where to start, we hope that your organization will consider our experiences.

When it comes to AI at Dell Technologies, we simply “get it”. And at the end of the day, we want to be your partner on your unique journey to help you achieve your outcomes.

About the Author: Mark Orth

Mark Orth is a seasoned veteran of the IT Industry, having spent time in sales, business development and marketing. In his current role on Dell Technologies ISG Solutions Marketing team he contributes solutions marketing and thought leadership content for AI and HPC. Outside of work he spends time playing guitar, riding his motorcycle, hiking and reading. And avidly supporting the newest NHL team, the Seattle Kraken!