Announcing the first 24 Dell YouthConnect recipients in the United States

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Every child – no matter where they live, their socio-economic status or their gender – should have an equal opportunity for success in school, work and life. In a global society connected through the real-time exchange of information, there is a gap between the technology “haves” and the “have-nots.” Too often, underserved communities can’t provide their children with the tools necessary to be successful in work and life.

Today, Dell is investing nearly $3 million in product and cash to 24 non-profit organizations in various locations in the US where our employees work and live through Dell YouthConnect.

Dell YouthConnect is our signature giving programs to bridge the gap between the technology “haves” and the “have-nots” by placing Dell technology into underserved communities and working with non-profit organizations to teach information and technology skills. Non-profit organizations are best positioned to understand the unique educational needs of their communities. Dell listens to these organizations and partners with them to provide the latest Dell technology, financial resources and expertise to help bridge learning and technology gaps.

In my role as giving manager, it was my honor and pleasure to notify these 24 selected charities who participated in our application journey. The journey was filled with learning more about their programs, give and take on budgets, logic models, program outcomes and employee engagement strategies. These charities reflect our belief that nonprofit organizations can best identify and respond to the unique technology needs of their communities.

What’s important to know about these 24 organizations? That through them, almost 22,000 children will learn important workplace skills such as critical thinking and problem solving and life skills such as communication and collaboration. Plus, every child will have access to technology that will help them unleash their unique potential. Below is a sampling of projects supported by Dell:

  • The African American Men and Boys Harvest Foundation will bring together successful African American adults as mentors and role models to African American students from the most neediest areas of Austin. Those lacking access to broadband and computer equipment will be able to use Dell technology to conduct internet research, pursue employment opportunities, complete college applications and participate in learning opportunities to develop information, communication and technology skills.
  • Girl Scout USA will help girl scouts in grades 4-12 gain critical thinking and problem solving skills for girls.
  • Through its project Green Teens, Keep Austin Beautiful provides environmental education, and inspires environmental stewardship and youth leadership in underserved Austin neighborhoods by leveraging Dell Streak 7 Tablets.
  • Genesys Works helps transform underprivileged youth by providing them the knowledge and work experience required to succeed as information technology professionals. Upon completion of the Dell YouthConnect program, Genesys Works' graduates are armed with valuable skills, relevant work experience, and the drive to succeed in our technological society.

These are just a sampling of the amazing programs Dell is helping to bring to live. To learn more about all of our charities, visit

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Topics in this article