Empowering Tomorrow: Announcing New Data Protection Innovations

Helping organizations secure their multicloud.

In an era where data is the lifeblood of innovation, the challenges organizations face in safeguarding their digital assets are more complex than ever. The Global Data Protection Index 2024 snapshot paints a sobering picture: 60% of organizations surveyed lack confidence in meeting backup and recovery service levels, while 79% are concerned about disruptive events and protecting data across public cloud environments. In response, Dell Technologies stands at the forefront, introducing enhancements to its PowerProtect and Dell APEX data protection portfolio to help organizations prepare for anything.

Modern, Simple, Resilient: A Triad for Multicloud Cyber Resilience

Secure your data across multicloud environments, supporting modern applications, containers, cloud-native solutions, SaaS and high-value workloads. Dell’s data protection solutions, available in major cloud marketplaces, utilize pre-committed cloud spend contracts, freeing you to concentrate on innovation. Simplify your data security experience with solutions designed for ease of deployment, daily management and flexible consumption choices. And Dell APEX offers provide data protection services enabling modern cloud consumption, allowing you to scale on demand and pay as you go. Bolster your resilience with Zero Trust architectures, safeguarding against data loss from operational and cyber events. Dell’s architecture helps support recoverability with a comprehensive portfolio of cyber resilient solutions, reinforcing your data protection strategy.

As the digital landscape evolves, so do the threats. Dell Technologies addresses this continuous paradigm shift with a commitment to modernize, simplify and fortify data protection strategies. The foundation of modern solutions lies in software-defined innovation, ensuring adaptability to the needs of today and tomorrow.

PowerProtect Data Manager: Extending Enterprise Workload Capabilities

The latest release of PowerProtect Data Manager continues to evolve enterprise-level workload protection capabilities for Microsoft, SAP and Oracle. The addition of Active Directory granular level recovery empowers users with precision and control, reduces recovery times and streamlines data management. Similarly, centralized protection operations for SAP HANA and Exchange streamlines data protection operations and helps ensure unified backup and recovery with simplified management. Lastly, multi-stream backups for Oracle RAC delivers faster, more flexible data protection within your SLAs.

PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance: Scaling Simplicity and Management

Enhancements to the Data Manager Appliance increase scalability without compromising simplicity. With new capacity shelves, the Data Manager Appliance now offers up to 256 TB, which supports a broader range of use cases, including the capacity to meet the majority of Dell PowerStore customer data protection requirements. PowerStore customers can now take full advantage of Storage Direct Protection, which delivers fast, efficient and secure backup and recovery for PowerStore directly to PowerProtect appliances.

“With a very small IT team responsible for many tasks across several locations and an outdated backup strategy in place, we needed an updated and resilient enterprise-wide solution that was quick to deploy and provided us the assurance that our data was protected and recoverable. Dell’s PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance checked all the boxes and accelerated our path to reliable, modern data protection by simplifying our IT operations and strengthening cyber resiliency.”

– Rob O’Daniel, Network Administrator, First Basin Credit Union

Dell APEX Backup Services: Embracing Cloud-native Workloads

Dell APEX Backup Services has been expanded to include cloud-native capabilities for AWS and Azure virtual machines (VM). This enhanced service provides a secure and isolated backup solution for AWS and Azure VM workloads, delivering strong data protection. It features snapshot orchestration for quick operational recovery and creates protected copies to defend against ransomware attacks. The service also enables cross-cloud backup redundancy by replicating data from Azure VMs to the AWS cloud. Dell APEX Backup Services includes global deduplication, automated tiering to cold storage and options for long-term data retention, all designed to minimize storage costs without incurring egress fees. It provides a centralized management platform for Azure, AWS and data center environments, streamlining the backup process for AWS accounts and offers agentless protection for Azure VMs. This facilitates easy integration and policy creation that align with an organization’s cloud strategy.

Seizing the Opportunity: A Call to Modernize with Confidence

As cyberattacks surge, Dell Technologies recognizes the need for proactive measures. Amidst the rising tide of data protection challenges, modernizing cyber resilience with PowerProtect and Dell APEX data protection becomes the cornerstone of minimizing risk and building confidence in the face of digital transformation challenges.

Dell Technologies: Your Trusted Multicloud Data Protection Partner

In the face of challenges like data sprawl, operational complexity and cyber resiliency, Dell Technologies stands ready to help organizations as they strive for simplicity in IT and seek to ensure the protection and recoverability of their data. Dell is your trusted multicloud data protection partner—protecting any workload, any cloud, simply and securely.

We’re committed to helping you wherever you are on your data protection journey.

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About the Author: David Noy

David Noy brings 25 years of experience in the storage and data management industry. He spent nearly a decade leading engineering and product management teams for numerous companies, including Dell Technologies, NetApp, Veritas and Cohesity. Today, David leads two industry-leading technology divisions at Dell Technologies, Unstructured Data Storage and Data Protection, where he is helping to embolden innovation around data management and hybrid cloud; and driving advancement of holistic solutions to help heighten business success for customers worldwide.