APEX Custom Solutions Enable RelateCare to Deliver Wellness Faster

Learn how APEX Custom Solutions provide flexibility and choice to enable digital transformation so customers can increase IT agility and control.

IDC predicts that by the end of this year, 75% of enterprises will recognize the benefits of as-a-service consumption, driving a 3x increase in demand for on-premises infrastructure delivered via flexible consumption solutions.¹ This delivery model is accelerating Digital Transformation, but IT leaders state lack of security and budget as the top two issues. At Dell Technologies, we are enabling our customers to overcome these barriers to transform their IT.

Imagine the pressure on the healthcare industry with all that’s happened in the last year. RelateCare, a healthcare service provider constantly challenged their IT partner Arkphire to improve service delivery. They wanted to onboard customers faster and drive service development while ensuring the compliance of healthcare data. Working with Arkphire and deploying Dell Technologies APEX Custom Solutions, RelateCare was not only able to onboard customers faster but always knew that their data was safe, secure and where it was stored – just like in a flexible cloud-like environment.

Jordan Reinhardt, Director of Information Services, RelateCare said “With APEX Custom Solutions we’re as agile and cost-effective as any cloud solution but without the concerns over data residency.”

This is one of the many examples of how APEX as-a-Service solutions simplifies procurement. The solution enabled the customer to use what they needed when they needed it while scaling up and down at will.

Furthermore, when asked why technology is so important, Reinhardt said. “IT enables us to respond to opportunities faster and find new ways to deliver more value to customers. Healthcare-related data is heavily regulated. As such, compliance, security, and stability must be your main considerations when designing the IT behind a service,” he explains.

Dell Technologies has been a leader in consumption solutions for over 15 years.** To help deliver these solutions more seamlessly and offer customers more choice, we are offering APEX Customs Solutions.

So how does this work? Today, Dell Technologies introduced APEX – a portfolio of as-a-Service offerings to simplify digital transformation by increasing IT agility and control.

APEX Custom Solutions have two offerings – APEX Flex on Demand and APEX Data Center Utility. Customers can choose the technology to achieve differentiated results for any workload on the broadest infrastructure portfolio. These custom solutions streamline the IT lifecycle with value-added services and cloud like economics.

  • APEX Flex on Demand is a pay-per-use flexible consumption model for custom configurations, where elastic capacity is delivered and measured at the product level. Flex on Demand allows you to acquire infrastructure and services while paying for what you use without a large upfront expenditure. For instance, customers can choose the term of the usage, the minimum commitment and cap costs with no additional charges for usage greater than 85%.
  • APEX is all about making it simple to manage IT. New and existing Flex on Demand customers in US, UK, Germany and France can log in to search, read and approve pre-invoice usage reports on the APEX console. We will be expanding the console functionality to be available everywhere we offer Flex on Demand in the future.
  • APEX Data Center Utility is highly customizable and enables you to move part, or all, of your data center operations into a pay-per-use model. With a monthly payment based on your actual usage, we can fully support and manage your data center and its operations. There are no minimum capacity requirements for Data Center Utility and reporting is individualized based on specific needs.

An IDC study shows that customers agree that these solutions provide value including 23% lower average storage costs per year, a 92% improvement in time to deploy additional capacity, and 54% fewer incidents of unplanned downtime.²

APEX Custom Solutions are available through our channel and alliance partners too. We have enhanced our partners’ ability to sell APEX Customs Solutions and earn program benefits. With APEX Flex on Demand, partners have several options to provide a metered-usage solution including the ability to add their own value-added services.

Lastly, APEX will help companies retire infrastructure in a secure and environmentally friendly manner. We manage the return and refurbishing of used IT gear while also helping to support your sustainability goals. This is an effort towards achieving our Progress Made Real goals by:

  • Refurbishing and reselling 95% of the systems
  • Recycling 5% of the remaining under regulatory guidelines across the globe

To learn more about APEX Custom Solutions visit www.delltechnologies.com/paymentsolutions

¹ Source: IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Future of Digital Infrastructure 2021 Predictions. US#46470820, October 2020

² Source: IDC White Paper, sponsored by Dell Technologies, “Business Value of Dell Technologies On Demand: A Study of Usage-Based Consumption Models for Storage,” April 2020. ​
Results based on interviews with nine organizations using Dell Technologies On Demand solutions. Actual results may vary. Full report here.

** Payment solutions provided to qualified commercial customers by Dell Financial Services (DFS) or through Dell Technologies group companies and/or through Dell’s authorized business partners (together with DFS “Dell”). Offers may not be available or may vary by country. Offers may be changed without notice and are subject to product availability, eligibility, credit approval and execution of documentation provided by and acceptable to Dell or Dell’s authorized business partners. In Spain, services are provided by Dell Bank International d.a.c branch in Spain and in remainder of the EU by Dell Bank International d.a.c, trading as Dell Financial Services which is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Dell Technologies, DellEMC and Dell logos are trademarks of Dell Inc.

About the Author: Darren Fedorowicz

Darren Fedorowicz has more than 20 years of technology financing experience and currently manages Dell Financial Services US Enterprise, Corporate and Channel as well as VMware and APEX Custom Consumption program.