Applications Multi Cloud

Successful businesses are differentiating from their competition through the deployment of application software that collects valuable data that is analyzed resulting in action that influences successful outcomes in near real time. These applications need to be developed and deployed on flexible, scalable, automated cloud infrastructures. Cloud is not a place but an operational model. Enterprise IT organizations will be managing a portfolio of cloud service provided by public cloud providers as well as clouds they design and deploy. Today we are seeing many enterprises building modern cloud native applications using a combination of on premises and off premises cloud services. These include re-factored applications such as Cisco WebEx and new platforms such as GE’s Predix, and new applications like EMC Leap that are leveraging enterprise IT designed and deployed cloud services in combination with public cloud service providers for the software development and operation. All of these new applications are built and operated using the preeminent cloud native platform Cloud Foundry.

Below is a short video discussing the importance of building applications optimized for multi-cloud infrastructure.

About the Author: John Roese