Scalable Transformation with VMware Cloud Foundation 5.0 on VxRail

Dell Technologies and VMware work hand-in-hand with you to simplify your multicloud journey with the newest release of VCF on VxRail.

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together” – African Proverb

Navigating the nebulous world of cloud transformation can seem like a daunting voyage. However, here at Dell Technologies, we’re ready to be your strategic partner, guiding you every step of the way. Our mission? To simplify your cloud journey, offering flexible and modern infrastructure solutions that can transform at your pace.

Your digital transformation is not a “set it and forget it” activity but a continuous journey. With your evolving business needs, the journey to a cloud operating model, along with the need to optimize the management of full-stack HCI-based cloud, becomes more pronounced. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our team of experts can work with you every step of the way to ensure you have the latest technologies and know how to optimize your operations, increase efficiency and ultimately drive growth for your business.

VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail

This is where VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) 5.0 on Dell VxRail enters the picture. As a part of our VMware HCI portfolio, VxRail delivers an integrated, automated, turnkey HCI platform that becomes the infrastructure foundation for a private, hybrid or multicloud VMware environment. As a building block of your cloud transformation, our VxRail HCI System Software provides highly differentiated features and benefits, including automated and validated full stack updates, cluster health checks and simplified IT operations that pave the way for innovation and secure a “multicloud by design.” Built for VMware, with VMware, to enhance VMware, VxRail provides the fastest and simplest path to transform operations and modernize data center infrastructure.

VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail delivers a fully integrated and curated full stack VMware software-defined data center (SDDC) on a VxRail solution, allowing IT to become a strategic business enabler in your cloud transformation initiatives.

Dell APEX Hybrid Cloud Platform for VMware delivers VCF on VxRail as a subscription-based consumption offer that enables you to rapidly adapt to fluctuating workload needs and promotes the efficient use of resources.

Continuous Innovation Makes Hybrid Cloud Management Easier

VMware Cloud Foundation 5.0 on Dell VxRail 8.0.100 is a testament to our commitment to provide a scalable and flexible cloud platform that is built on the only jointly engineered HCI solution with VMware. VCF 5.0 on VxRail includes the latest version of VMware’s vSphere 8 hypervisor and introduces a variety of exciting new automated updates and lifecycle management capabilities.

New features include:

    • Enhanced flexibility to apply, and track, asynchronous VxRail release patches independently, providing administrators the ability to proceed with critical updates before full VCF on VxRail releases are available.
    • Upgrade directly to VCF 5.0 from earlier versions (4.3 and higher) through direct skip-level upgrades powered by SDDC Manager and VxRail HCI System Software.
    • Greater scalability and adaptability with expanded workload domain maximums that flexibly scale from 15 to 25 domains.
    • Simplified views of configuration drift with the ability to apply them using SDDC Manager.
    • Support for NVMe over TCP connected supplemental storage.
    • Improved security for workload domains through the addition of isolated domains, each equipped with individual single sign-on (SSO) capabilities and NSX instance.
    • Ensure validity, trust and proper installation of certificates through improved VCF certificate management workflows.

For additional feature information on this release, visit Dell Info Hub for the technical blog.

Start Your Cloud Journey Today with VCF on VxRail

In essence, VCF on VxRail ensures you reduce risks and increase operational efficiencies with automated full stack operations and end-to-end lifecycle management. With a turnkey hybrid cloud-ready solution at hand, you can get started quickly, navigating through your cloud transformation journey with ease, agility and investment protection.

Join us at VMware Explore 2023 in Las Vegas to talk to our specialists about multicloud solutions featuring VCF on VxRail and APEX Hybrid Cloud for VMware, and visit us at booth 201, where we will be hosting in-booth sessions and theater presentations.

For additional VCF on VxRail content and information, learn more here.

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