Are You Prepared for a Cyberattack?

Get ahead of potential threats with Product Success Accelerator for Cyber Recovery.

Clearly brilliant, yet perpetually humble, Albert Einstein famously stated, “it’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” With those words Einstein reminds us to take the time to fully explore and define our problems with greater clarity.

Of course, pinpointing the most critical problems is neither fast nor easy. Organizations continually look to keep pace with change, scaling for future needs while maintaining a constant pool of talented resources. Add to that one of today’s top priorities: how to effectively protect and safeguard data in the event of a cyberattack. For most, it’s not just a concern; it’s of critical importance.

Simply said, data fuels the engine of innovation, much like oil did a century ago.​ And like oil, data alone is of limited value. It’s what you do with data that is truly transformative.

Data fuels our financial systems, flight schedules, patient portals and nearly every business, from your corner drug store to global distribution centers. With such dependencies, even a minor outage or attack can have devastating consequences. When data is lost, damaged or compromised, businesses risk losing customers, revenue and reputations—assets not easily salvaged or replaced. ​Fortunately, Dell offers a broad set of capabilities to help organizations prepare for the inevitable breach or ransomware attack.

Accelerate Your Path to Success

With businesses on high alert, IT decision-makers are approaching cybersecurity with greater rigor in a landscape that’s continually changing. According to Dell Technologies Global Data Protection index, 63% of ITDMs are not very confident that all business-critical data can be reliably recovered in the event of a destructive cyberattack.¹

To help organizations prepare for a potential event, Dell Technologies has announced Product Success Accelerator (PSX) for Cyber Recovery,* which helps organizations streamline and simplify the activities needed to plan, deploy, optimize and operate a secure, isolated cyber recovery vault – all in a single offer, which can be purchased alongside Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solutions.

Are You Ready?

In a recent Forrester study, 87% of IT decision-makers said they would benefit from getting access to external expertise to reduce risk and fill operational gaps.² In addressing these and other concerns, PSX consolidates multiple capabilities to deliver a defined outcome, leveraging the skills and expertise of Dell’s certified technology experts.

The decision to implement a cyber recovery vault, which physically isolates a replicated copy of your data separate from the backup and production environment, is a critical component of a modern resiliency strategy. With greater awareness of potential threats, businesses are looking inward, asking hard questions about their own limitations and if they have the time, resources and expertise required to maintain a cyber vault environment.

    • Do we have a firm understanding of our mission-critical data, what needs to be protected and the rules and policies required?
    • Do we have documented plans for recovery of critical data after a cyberattack or outage?
    • Have we mapped out who is responsible for recovery tasks, and do we have the skills and resources in-house?
    • Are these plans up to date and tested on a regular basis?

Gain Streamlined Efficiency

Of course, organizations are also asking: Are we able to do these tasks ourselves? Do we need additional assistance? Or do we want a vendor to fully manage it for us? PSX addresses the middle scenario for organizations that need additional expertise but still want to own their infrastructure. If this describes your business needs, PSX gives you a choice of three options.

Chart depicting options available through Dell Technologies Product Success Accelerator (PSX).

    • With the Ready level, we include planning workshops and deployment of the cyber recovery components (hardware and software), fully configured, validated and ready to use, plus an operational runbook, a KPI-based success plan and skills-based cybersecurity curriculum that sets you up for success.
    • Optimize includes all the features of the Ready level along with quarterly vault assessments, change recommendations, such as updates, patches and policies, and assisted restore test simulations.
    • Assist, the highest level, adds 8×5 operational assistance to meet key performance objectives, monitor and investigate alerts, initiate corrective actions and provide support in the event of a cyberattack.

Our highly skilled team of technology experts perform most tasks remotely, which keeps costs in check and ensures efficient delivery of predefined tasks and workstreams. At every stage, you can be confident you have the right level of expertise at the right time while remaining 100% in control of your protected data.

PSX for Cyber Recovery is one of the latest offers within our growing portfolio of cyber recovery services. For additional details, contact your Dell representative or visit the Product Success Accelerator on our website.

*PSX for Cyber Recovery is available in North America only.

1 Dell Technologies Global Data Protection Index (GDPI) 2022 Snapshot commissioned through Vanson Bourne, a survey of 1000 IT decision makers (ITDMs) globally.

2 Forrester Opportunity Snapshot: A custom study commissioned by Dell Technologies, September 2022.

Dan Norton

About the Author: Dan Norton

Dan Norton is the Director of Product Management for ISG and Multicloud Services. In this role, he oversees the creation of new services to enable customer success with Dell’s infrastructure and cloud-based offerings. Previously, Dan managed a set of Dell EMC software offerings including ViPR SRM, ViPR Controller and PowerPath. He previously held product management positions with Symantec, Lotus/IBM and a number of startups. He graduated from Amherst College and resides in the Boston area.