As-a-service Solutions for Energy

Accelerate your digital energy transformation with flexible, consumption-based, on-demand Dell APEX solutions.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) World Energy Report, global energy demand is projected to grow by 16 percent between 2020 and 2030. One of the greatest challenges that the industry is faced with is meeting this growing demand for energy, while simultaneously reducing greenhouse gases. Thus, there is a need to optimize usage to minimize the carbon intensity of energy generation and maximize the use of sustainable energy resources.

Today’s energy industry is in a transformative period. In addition to a global push for sustainability, there is also a shift from a centralized power generation model to a decentralized one. The role of an energy provider is shifting from simply selling energy to providing comprehensive services for people who produce as well as consume energy. Furthermore, rapid advancement in technology is forcing electricity providers to rethink how they work, the services they provide and the business models they adhere to. Companies will need to put more emphasis on smart insights and deploying agile solutions capable of managing the changing dynamics.

This new era for the industry offers utility companies the opportunity to re-imagine operations and enable the convergence of informational and operational technologies. This is where Dell APEX for Energy comes in. Dell APEX is a comprehensive set of offerings that allow customers to consume Dell Technologies in an as-a-service model – on-premises and/or in the cloud. With Dell APEX, customers deploy and utilize modern infrastructure in a true OpEx business model that enables sustainability, innovative power generation models and security. 

Why APEX for Energy

Dell APEX for Energy allows our customers to accelerate their digital energy transformation with agile, flexible, reliable and affordable consumption-based, on-demand solutions to meet the world’s growing energy demand:

    • Accelerate Energy Transition by modernizing the energy grid to support the increasing demand for intermittent capacity generation and maximizing the utilization of renewables. With Dell APEX custom solutions, energy companies can process, analyze and aggregate critical data collected at the edge of the energy ecosystem and the cloud to accommodate distributed generation and storage together with smart consumption. Leveraging Dell APEX to modernize the grid with smart, responsive technology enables sustainable energy generation, simplified operations, as well as affordable and reliable service delivery.
    • Advance Decarbonization by utilizing Dell Validated Designs to facilitate deployment and adoption of technology to enable net-zero goals. For example, deploying pre-tested and validated solutions for high-performance computing (HPC) and analytics with Dell APEX for HPC, Dell APEX for Analytics, and Dell APEX for Artificial Intelligence (AI), can help speed up the time it takes to develop new approaches and solutions that support decarbonization technology, such as Scale Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS), Direct Air Capture (DAC) and methane reduction. Also, using Dell APEX Cloud Services you can continue hydrocarbon exploration in a safe, environmentally sensitive and economically attractive way by deploying hybrid, multicloud solutions to support exploration and production workflows from the edge to the cloud.
    • Ensure Energy Security by employing a seamless, scalable, and on-demand approach to protect energy company assets against cyberthreats with Dell APEX Backup Services and Dell APEX Cyber Recovery Services. Moreover, utilize Dell APEX for VDI to avail secure remote access, and AI-enabled computer vision infrastructure to run automated anomaly detection to ensure data safety for your critical energy infrastructure and consumers.

As-a-Services Use Cases for the Energy Industry

Here are a few use cases to demonstrate how energy organizations take advantage of Dell APEX.

    • Energy Transition: Drive edge/core/cloud-based solutions to support decarbonization initiatives, ensure the abundance and affordability of renewables, and propel the clean energy transition forward with Dell APEX Hybrid Cloud.
    • IT Modernization: Transform the Electric Utility Industry with automated, virtualized and industry-leading hyper-converged technologies with Dell APEX Flex on Demand to support the increasing demand for intermittent capacity generation and reduce the cost of overprovisioning.
    • Data Security and Compliance: Employ a data-first approach to enable integrated data protection solutions and secure critical infrastructure. With APEX for Data Protection, you can easily adopt solutions to protect and manage data wherever it may live, as well as secure your data with proven modern data protection across the edge, core and clouds.
    • Connected Workforce: Improve mobility and remote access from corporate operations and customer service to field/grid/substation with an optimized implementation of Dell APEX for VDI.
    • Integrated Data Analytics: Leverage Dell APEX for Analytics and for AI to transform utilities and distribution grid operations. By taking an integrated approach to analytics, AI and ML, energy companies can have data anytime and anywhere to accelerate forecasting, sustainability goals and business outcomes.
    • Technology at the Edge: Utilize on-demand APEX solutions and AI-enabled computer vision infrastructure to enable compute functionality at the edge and automate data collection and analysis to identify patterns, anomalies and perceived threats with APEX for AI.

What Customers Are Saying

With Dell’s expertise in business transformation and Validated Designs, here’s what some of our partners had to say about their experience with Dell.

    • Windcloud knew Dell was the ideal company to partner with in their journey to set new standards in sustainable IT by hosting solutions in its data center powered 100% by green electricity, with Dell’s social impact plan completely aligning with Windcloud’s own central ideology. Using Dell’s servers with fresh air-cooling technology, Windcloud was able to use direct free cooling in their data processing center and use their cloud in an extremely energy-efficient manner. Watch the video.
    • GEK Terna, a large developer, contractor, and energy producer needed protection from cyberattacks. They partnered with Dell to find innovative solutions to improve the firm’s cyber resilience and achieve greater data protection. Read the solution brief.

Learn more about how Dell can help you accelerate your digital energy transformation with Dell APEX for Energy.

About the Author: Chhandomay Mandal

Dr. Chhandomay Mandal is the Director of Solutions Marketing at Dell Technologies. He leads solutions across artificial intelligence, analytics, business applications, VDI and HPC as well as industry-specific solutions for healthcare, media & entertainment, semiconductors and smart manufacturing. Prior to his current role, he led Dell’s all-flash storage solutions marketing efforts for desktop virtualization, server virtualization and private cloud. Dr. Mandal has been awarded 13 patents. He has a PhD from University of Florida, MBA from Indiana University, and BTech from Indian Institute of Technology.