Big Data Analytics: Unlocking New Potential in the IT Service Portfolio

The changing IT landscape requires not only the provisioning of the latest tools, technologies and assets, but the embracing and leveraging the technology – especially Big Data analytics – to achieve true transformation. Through greater inclusion of Big Data analytics into our IT portfolio, EMC IT has made tremendous strides optimizing how it runs IT.  However, the greater value rests within our ability to package Big Data analytics and provide the business with a consumable, self-service model.

For instance, with Business Analytics as a Service, we are empowering our constituents to plan, map and create solutions that best support their specific needs. Leveraging Greenplum technology, the analytics generated allow users to co-locate terabytes of corporate information from various data warehouses within a single platform. The solution is agile, reduces time to market and fosters a strong relationship between IT and the business.

In a recent Q&A with DataQuest magazine, EMC Chief Information Officer Vic Bhagat addresses the role of Big Data analytics in driving business value, how emerging technologies affect his role as CIO and much more.

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About the Author: Vic Bhagat