Blades on Blades: An interview with Phil Blades, Amulet Hotkey CIO

As a wide reaching business unit in terms of the customers we work with, Dell OEM Solutions’ customers can pop up in all sorts of places.  This was the case at last week’s Dell Tech Camp (#delltechcamp) event. Tech Camp is an annual showcase of Dell’s complete solutions and product portfolio in an interactive/hands-on environment for the most important industry analysts, technical and vertical market media.  If you didn’t get a chance to participate, watch Dell’s Bryan Jones shares his impressions. There, alongside a number of Dell’s own Public solutions such as Digital Forensics and Mobile Clinical Computing for example was a solution from one the Dell OEM Solution’s longest standing customers, Amulet Hotkey.

Amulet's PCoIP solution is running on Dell hardware

Amulet's PCoIP solution is running on Dell hardware

Anyone familiar with Amulet Hotkey and its track record in Financial Services might be surprised to see them in an area showcasing public sector solutions, but the company is seeing significant traction in a number of other verticals such as Defence, Education and Healthcare through additional solutions such as their PCoIP (show above). As with so many of the solutions powered by Dell OEM you might be surprised to learn that Amulet’s PCoIP solution is running on Dell hardware. In the video below, Phil Blades (@pcoip_guru) discusses Amulet Hotkey and its relationship with Dell OEM Solutions in the video above, shot at Tech Camp.

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It is always great to see our customers’ businesses evolving and to know that Dell OEM Solutions is powering their technology. Amulet Hotkey has worked with the team for many years and its innovation, global growth and ability to target new vertical markets has clearly been aided by OEM Solutions’ unique capabilities.  View their full case study here.

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About the Author: Paul Collier