Blog Action Day – 2008

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Blog Action Day - PovertyToday is the second annual blog action day – the idea behind blog action day is to get bloggers worldwide talking about a single important topic. Last year’s topic was the environment (check out Dell’s post here); this year bloggers are uniting to fight poverty.

As a company, Dell strives to be a responsible neighbor in the communities we call home around the globe – and part of that means finding ways to help those less fortunate. In fact, Dell recently announced that we plan to become a “one-percent” company, donating one percent of our net profits to charitable causes. Much of our giving will be focused on IT skills training for youth – we believe that digital literacy is key to success in today’s Connected Era.

But beyond our company efforts, we’re incredibly proud of our employees’ efforts to make a difference. From employees who donate to non-profits to those who volunteer year round, our employees around the world have demonstrated a commitment to making a meaningful impact in their communities.

Global poverty is a complex issue, and there are many views of the issue and what should be done about it. But in the spirit of what blog action day is all about what we can best contribute are some thoughts on what Dell has learned about how we can all make a difference:

  • Learn. Information is power. Sharing that information with others is more powerful. Check out blogs worldwide today for an insight into global poverty.
  • Engage. There are countless non-profit organizations in every country and every community working every day to make a positive difference. Find your cause and donate your time. That support is invaluable for these organizations and you’ll find it rewarding.
  • Commit. Everyone’s financial circumstance is different and we’re currently in trying economic times. But it takes fewer financial resources than you may think to support a worthy cause. Better yet, ask your employer about matching programs to increase your impact.

We look forward to following other posts on this important topic and happy to do our part. Now we want to hear from you, what should we all be doing to fight poverty?

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Topics in this article