Bring Your Digital Life Over to Your Dell PC with Dell Migrate

I vividly remember when I found my wife scrolling through photos on an old desktop computer that hasn’t been used in over seven years. We had it tucked away in a spare bedroom.

I watched her react to the photos and videos of our grown sons as little boys: birthdays, school, sports, vacations and all the ordinary moments in between (made even more extraordinary with the passing of time). It hit me that we were here together, having a classic Clark Griswold moment – stuck in the proverbial attic with an old slide show. These memories mean a lot to us and are worth saving.

Our data matters to us. And we should be able to access it and move it and enjoy it as easily as possible, no matter what PC we’re now using.

Migrate all your stuff from all your PCs

Dell Migrate is a new, simple do-it-yourself migration solution that moves the hard-to-replace data, personal records and fun stuff like pictures and music from any Windows-based PC to your latest Dell PC. It can migrate data unlike any tool on the market today.

  • Migrate from any Windows 8 or newer PC, not just Dell
  • Migrate as many times as you need to within 6 months of purchase. No gotchas here. Take your time and cherish the discoveries. You can move over as many and as much of those digital memories as your Dell PC can hold.

Your new Dell PC will also “feel” like your old system because Migrate brings over (as much or as little of) your PC experience, too. That means your favorite wallpaper, color settings, browser bookmarks, yep – they’re migrated. And, of course those photos — migrated and ready for you to take a heartfelt journey down memory lane.

We’ll make sure you get it all

Did you know that some of your critical information may be stored in the “corners” of your computer, especially because some of the newer apps or tools save files in random locations?  Unlike other migration tools, Dell Migrate casts a wider search net and scans the entire system, not just the general Windows directory. If it’s a common file type, the tool will discover it and migrate it, no matter where you may have accidentally stored it. Don’t remember where you saved those tax forms? No worries. Migrate will find it for you.

Once it has scanned all content available for migration, it will present you with two options. You decide how much or how little you want to be involved in what gets moved.

  • Choose “Move everything for me” if you want to go with it as is. We’ll let you know if everything fits or if you need to make some choices.
  • Or, if you want to skip some files or customize where your data gets saved, you can pick “Let me choose what to move.”

It’s up to you. Choose whichever method fits you best. And, if you have data on additional PCs, remember, Migrate can move that data too.

Begin working in minutes…without waiting for one mass-move to be completed

One of the more frustrating things about traditional data migration tools is that they lock your system down, sometimes for hours. We designed Migrate to let you use your PC while it does the migration. Use and explore your new Dell. You can check in on Migrate periodically. We’ll let you know if we run into any problems. And, while I’m on the topic of creating new migration “norms,” Migrate doesn’t require you to do a hard restart in order to apply those settings. In fact, as the migration takes place, you’ll see your wallpaper change over before your eyes along with other favorites you curated on your other PC.

How do I get Dell Migrate?

When ordering your new Dell PC, select Dell Migrate from available services, add it to cart and then proceed to checkout. Or call a sales agent to purchase it separately. Have an existing Dell Windows 10 PC that you want to bring your data to? You can purchase Migrate standalone. It is available in the US for XPS, Inspiron, Alienware and G Series systems and begins at $39 USD for unlimited use for six months.

Start using Migrate by launching SupportAssist from the Start menu of your PC. SupportAssist is preinstalled on Dell devices running the Windows 10 operating system. Or download SupportAssist. After it launches, Click Finish Setting Up This PC/Go Now.

Join me in the journey

I encourage you to go find those old computers in your back closet or extra bedroom, power them up, settle in and get ready to take your own personal trip down memory lane. Perhaps it will inspire, remind you of things you had long forgotten, or offer a moment of heartwarming reflection.

If you’d like to learn more about Migrate, visit here for more information.

About the Author: Craig Stubblefield

Craig is responsible for re-imagining, designing and implementing revolutionary global consumer services experiences for Dell Technologies. He has over 20+ years of product management and marketing experience encompassing retail, information technology, telecommunications and technology.