Splurge on your Dell Personal Cloud!

Authored by Georges Nabaa, Dell Wyse PocketCloud team

The new Dell Venue and the updated range of Dell XPS laptops offer unbelievable style, performance and form factors that cover the gamut of use-cases. In fact, you would not be alone if you felt compelled to buy both the award-winning XPS 13 Ultrabook and any member of the supremely capable Venue tablets (Android or Windows): The average consumer now has 2.9 devices with users increasingly looking at different form factors to consume and create information in a way that is most comfortable to them.

Keeping track of content and applications on multiple devices and, across multiple operating systems can be a challenge. Thankfully, all these devices come preloaded with the award-winning Dell Wyse PocketCloud family of products.

PocketCloud provides you with an intuitive interface to all your content and applications across this “personal cloud” of devices by  giving you a single pane of glass to access, edit, save and share your digital assets such as presentations, documents, photos and videos regardless of where they are currently saved.

This vision enables users to bridge the gap between their mobile and PC “lives” by providing them remote access to content and applications regardless of operating systems. 
PocketCloud is built around:

  • Usability: PocketCloud is easy to set up and configure and provides and intuitive interface to access all content
  • Performance: Leveraging the 4G LTE capabilities of the Venue Tablet, PocketCloud unites you with your content faster wherever you are in the coverage area
  • Security: SSL encryption and advanced SSL tunneling to ensure that your data is not compromised if you are parted from your device

So go ahead, have your way and splurge on two or more of the new additions to the Dell family without ever worrying about where you content and applications reside!

Happy PocketClouding,
The Dell Wyse PocketCloud Product team

About the Author: Allison Darin