Bringing Sustainability and Security to the Edge

Keep your data local and support ultra-low latency applications with Vodafone Business and Dell Technologies.

Edge computing is a top priority for modern organizations. Those that generate a lot of data as part of their operations will benefit from processing data in real time to extract insights and from reducing the traffic sent over the network. Moreover, keeping data locally is important to avoid data sovereignty issues.

However, edge computing environments can also be challenging. When talking to customers, we realize their concerns revolve around costs, complexity and security. Dell Technologies is partnering with Vodafone Business to address these concerns. Together, we can provide enterprises with a proven infrastructure and unified management platform, helping them innovate faster with multiaccess edge computing (MEC) while reducing complexity and providing flexible ways to make the necessary investments.

Our solution is based on hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and comprises software-defined compute, storage and networking. At the heart of the solution is the Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, which supports Windows and Linux virtualized or containerized workloads. It’s a hybrid product that connects the on-premises system to Azure for cloud-based services, monitoring and management.

The Vodafone Business Dedicated MEC solution supports small deployments from two nodes to tens of nodes. It is available in multiple form factors, including ruggedized equipment with different mounting options, offering enterprises full flexibility to use in diverse physical locations. With the help of Dell and Vodafone Business, enterprises can benefit from the broadest portfolio at the edge,¹ leveraging a global ecosystem of partners and a reliable supply chain and bringing modern security to the edge. 

Sustainability and Inclusion

Dell Technologies and Vodafone Business are also proud to provide a solution that addresses ESG (Environmental, Societal and Governance) concerns from enterprises, governments and non-governmental organizations.

Dell has aggressively committed to significantly reduce GHG emissions across all scopes. Sustainability is considered and woven into every area of our business, from raw material design and sourcing to manufacturing, packaging, transport, usage, recovery and recycling.

We engineered the infrastructure supporting the Vodafone Business Dedicated MEC solution with energy efficiency in mind, from clever placement of components to monitoring software and innovative consumption models to optimize usage and reduce overprovisioning.

As part of our ESG strategy, we’re also committed to cultivating inclusion. To improve inclusion in the workforce, the solution supports use cases such as visual enhancement (using AR/VR to enable work augmentation and collaboration), hearing and speech enhancement (using computer vision to aid workers with sensorial barriers) and vehicle and machinery remote operation (allowing employees with varying physical abilities to perform an expanded range of tasks).

Success Stories

Enterprises can benefit from Dell Technologies rich experience helping organizations improve their business by harnessing edge computing. Among our customers’ success stories, Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef partnered with Dell Technologies to use edge gateways and deep learning in order to transform reef analysis and conservation. And Siemens lowered overhead and energy costs with an integrated automation platform, positively impacting building occupants and the environment.

Vodafone Business Dedicated Multiaccess Edge Computing, supported by Dell Technologies and Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, unlocks cutting-edge capabilities for your business. You can drive digital innovation and enhance operational efficiency by leveraging ultra-low latency applications and maintaining local data. 

Watch our video and check out the webpage to explore how Vodafone Business Dedicated MEC can transform your business. Contact us today to discover the possibilities!

1 Based on Dell analysis, May 2023.

Rodrigo de Faria Custodio

About the Author: Rodrigo de Faria Custodio

Rodrigo has 20 years+ experience in the technology industry in varying technical and commercial roles at Alcatel Lucent, Huawei and Vodafone. He has been with Dell since March 2020 in the Solutions Co-Creation team, part of Telecom Systems Business. Rodrigo has managed the joint creation and joint Go-To-Market of several solutions with Dell’s partners, including Private Wireless and Edge Compute solutions. His interests are on technologies that help improve the energy performance of data centres and reduce the carbon footprint of large neural networks.