ESG at Dell Technologies: Our Purpose in Action

Using technology to positively impact our people and the planet is in our DNA, and it’s been demonstrated in our purpose for decades.
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At Dell Technologies our purpose is to create technologies that drive human progress. Since the day we were founded almost 40 years ago, we have used technology to positively impact people, global communities and the planet. It’s in our DNA and it’s one of the reasons I joined Dell nine months ago. I believe in the role technology and technologists can play in the world, and Dell’s long-term commitments and actions to drive meaningful change.

Real impact doesn’t happen without a plan, and Dell has had a plan – for 2020, for 2030, and beyond. And, as this space continues to evolve, we are committed to evolving with it. Our FY22 ESG Report combines Diversity & Inclusion, Supply Chain Responsibility and Progress Made Real metrics, goals and progress into a single report. Our commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) is our purpose in action. It brings together who we are with what we do.

Our pillars, Advancing Sustainability, Cultivating Inclusion, Transforming Lives and Upholding Ethics and Privacy continue to represent our framework and how we run ESG in our business. And moving forward we’ll increase our focus on areas where we can use our core capabilities – our technology and people – to have the greatest impact. We’ll focus on climate action, circular economy, digital inclusion and our inclusive workforce, and use our resources to drive outsized impact in society.

Our annual ESG Report informs our stakeholders of our progress. At Dell, we know you can’t manage what you can’t measure. And we publish our ESG progress each year to hold ourselves accountable and keep our stakeholders informed.

Key highlights from our FY22 ESG Report include:

  • 90.2% packaging across our entire product portfolio made with recycled or renewable materials – in fact, we used 227,595 KG of ocean-bound plastic in our packaging in FY22, allowing us to achieve our commitment to increase our annual use of ocean-bound plastic tenfold by 2025, four years ahead of schedule.
  • 396.5 million pounds of sustainable materials in our products and packaging. With a focus on research, and by leveraging our supply chain’s innovative power, we scaled the use of recycled and renewable materials in our products.
  • Drove a 26% year-over-year increase in the percentage of products sold being taken back for reuse or recycling.
  • Over-achieved Cultivating Inclusion goal that 95% of our employees will participate in annual foundational learning on key topics such as unconscious bias, harassment, microaggression and privilege with 99.6% of employees participating in FY22.
  • Delivered recruiting and educational programs to expand our reach to underrepresented groups, resulting increased representation of people who identify as Women and who identify as Black/African American or Hispanic/Latino in our overall employee base and leadership group.
  • 100% of our employees participated in annual Ethics & Compliance training.
  • Dell’s Giving & Social Innovation programs reached 66M lives (159M cumulative FY20, FY21, FY22 toward our 1 billion lives goal) through multiple digital inclusion programs, including Digital LifeCare, Solar Community Hubs and Student TechCrew.

Driving impact at scale requires innovation, collaboration, and partnership. In whatever way works for you, we ask you to join us in our journey to drive positive business and societal impact. We welcome any feedback or questions you may have, feel free to reach us here.

About the Author: Cassandra Garber

Cassandra Garber has over 20 years of experience building and leading global, enterprise-wide sustainability, ESG, marketing and communications programs and teams across a variety of industries for $30B+ companies. Cassandra currently serves as Vice President for Corporate Sustainability and ESG, overseeing the teams and activities leading global sustainability, ESG strategy and operations, and Dell’s giving and social innovation programs. Cassandra and her teams are responsible for holistic advancement of the overall program, as well as formal leadership and execution of advancing sustainability and transforming lives.
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