Building on Success – the New Dell Precision M4500

When we rolled out the Dell Precision M6500 in December of last year, it was the world’s most powerful mobile workstation.  Fast forward four months and guess what?  It’s still the top performing mobile workstation in the world.  This system, built with Intel Core i7 quad-core technology and NVIDIA Quadro FX 3800M graphics, offered creative professionals, designers, animators, engineers and research scientists the liberation from their desks without sacrificing performance.  Industry feedback was resoundingly positive.  Mark Schoennagel with Autodesk blogged about his experience and highlighted not only the performance ("It runs circles around pretty much anything you can buy in the workstation category – desktop or mobile!") but also the design ("I have to say it’s the most incredible looking piece of technology I have seen.") Press coverage was equally impressive.  For instance, in their review, AnandTech said, "If you want a mobile workstation, the Dell Precision M6500 delivers on all fronts."

Building on that success, this week we announced a new member of Dell’s family of mobile workstations, the Dell Precision M4500.  And true to form, this system is the world’s most powerful 15.6-inch mobile workstation.  In addition to offering the latest options from Intel, to include the Core i7 920XM Extreme Edition Quad Core processor and support for the next generation NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800M, this system offers some additional exciting features. 

The M4500 is one of the first mobile workstations to offer an optional SSD MiniCard for additional high-performance data storage.  This gives the customer the option of having up to 2 internal storage locations without sacrificing their optical bay.  The M4500 also provides near instant access to e-mail, calendar, contacts, or the Internet and virtual remote desktops, with a new innovative technology called Dell Precision ON.   And for customers that rely on web conferencing and collaboration to conduct their business, the M4500 offers an optional 3MP camera and Gobi 2.0 mobile broadband connectivity.  In terms of true mobility, the M4500 cranks out up to 7hrs and 40min of battery life, or even longer with the optional 12-cell battery slice, and is very easy to carry with a starting weight of only 6 pounds. 

Gizmodo summed it nicely: "Remember the hardcore guts of the Dell M6500 workstation? The M4500 is just like that, except at 15.6-inches you’ve actually got a shot at carrying it around in comfort. It’s also the most powerful of workstation of its size."

If you want to hear more, here’s my discussion on the Precision M4500 mobile workstation with Lauren.

About the Author: Mano Gialusis