Challenge: Keeping Pace with Data Growth

With customer demand for Sanborn’s geospatial information system (GIS) services continuing to increase, keeping pace with data growth is critical to its IT team. When its previous NAS system wasn’t up to the task, Sanborn needed a high-performance storage system that could scale in lockstep with increasing customer demand, while simultaneously simplifying storage management and reducing costs.

With Isilon, Sanborn saw a 533% increase in image processing speeds. Learn how on

Sam Grocott

About the Author: Sam Grocott

Sam Grocott is the Senior Vice President of Product Marketing at Dell Technologies. He leads the marketing activities for all infrastructure and client solutions and the services portfolio, including critical GTM activities across the portfolio, such as AI, APEX & Multicloud, Edge, Telecom, portfolio marketing and competitive intelligence. Sam began his career at Isilon Systems in 2001, where he led product management and helped launch Isilon's first products in 2003. After EMC acquired Isilon in 2010, Sam headed the marketing and product management team that delivered the market-leading scale-out NAS offering. When Dell acquired EMC in 2016, Sam's role expanded to cover the Dell Infrastructure Solutions portfolio for Marketing. The organization evolved to represent the entire Dell Technologies portfolio a few years later.