Chocolate, Storage and Security?

We all crave chocolate. Better yet, we all crave dark chocolate that helps us live longer.

Sweetriot, a small business out of New York City has gotten a lot of buzz over the past several years for their mouth-watering, fair trade dark chocolate. From being one of Good Housekeeping’s best stocking stuffers to features in the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times on their marketing strategies – Sweetriot quickly grew as a small business.

Since Sweetriot was built from the ground-up, they had no Web-based intranet and employees worked off laptops without security or backup storage. Handling valuable business data this way would make any IT professional nervous.

Like many small businesses that continue to grow, so does the impending issue of securing critical data in a secure and central location that allows for collaboration. Since employees were working out of their home offices or coffee shops, the company was also in need of mobile technology. The solution? A Dell Latitude E4300 laptop with Intel vPro™ technology with Microsoft Office 2007 productivity software. As a small business looking for mobile security, the laptop includes an integrated smart card reader to ensure that only authorized users can access the files or network. Additionally, the battery life helps support life on the road, only needing to be recharged at the end of the day.

In terms of storage, Sweetriot got the Dell™ PowerEdge™ small business server factory loaded with Microsoft Small Business Server, which combines all technologies into one solution that protects data but enables collaboration in a shared online environment.

The result? Listen to Sweetriot’s CEO Sarah Endline talk about the technology in the vlog below.

Want to hear more about Sweetriot’s technology solution? Read the full case study on Also, for all the latest on Sweetriot, check out Sarah’s blog and follow her on Twitter.

About the Author: Kara Krautter