Improve Security in Three Steps with Dell and Absolute

Amp up your defense strategy with self-healing capabilities for your network. Explore Absolute Secure Access.

“Cyberattacks are on the rise!” But you didn’t need me to tell you this, did you? You’ve read it millions of times across the internet. The fact is, when it comes to your organization suffering a cyberattack, it’s not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when.” However, all is not gloom and doom. Proper security preparation – the strength of your security posture – can be the difference between operational shutdown and it simply being another day.

And how can you improve your security posture? A proven way is to work with great partners, like Dell Technologies and Absolute. Both bring capabilities that strengthen your enterprise’s ability to defend against threats while maintaining normal operations. Here’s a three-step approach to hardening your cyber defenses.

Step 1: Invest in Secure PCs Out of the Gate

The first thing you’ll want to do: invest in secure devices. They’re your first line of defense, and device trust is foundational to a Zero Trust strategy. As a PC manufacturer for organizations worldwide, Dell thinks about security a lot – and our commercial PCs reflect this strategy. We build Dell Trusted Devices with security throughout their design and manufacture. For assurance during operation, Dell offers built-in SafeBIOS features to keep PCs protected while in use. So, when you purchase Dell devices, you can have peace of mind that you’re investing in the industry’s most secure commercial PCs.¹

Step 2: “See” and Protect your PCs with Absolute Secure Endpoint

Okay, secure PCs – check! Next, ensure you have full visibility over your entire PC fleet to allow you to both “see” and collect status information on an ongoing basis. Add to this full control that allows you to shut down a company PC whenever you note nefarious activity, be it an attacker or worse, an insider. And finally, make sure you can prevent remote access with a strategy that helps you mitigate risks and bounce back from them. You need your endpoints to be resilient against any form of attack.

That’s where Absolute Secure Endpoint (SE) comes in. Part of the Dell SafeData portfolio, SE improves visibility, control and resilience across all of your endpoints. Leveraging a proprietary technology called Persistence, SE is embedded into every Dell commercial PC in the factory, making it the only persistent, self-healing solution in the market. This means it can survive device tampering, OS reinstalls and hard drive wipes. Not only can SE heal itself, but it also makes your critical applications self-healing.

Step 3: Extend Protection Across Your Network

The distributed nature of today’s workforce can pose enormous challenges and cybersecurity risks. Employees want their technology to work seamlessly, and we know they’ll bypass overly complex security protocols to maintain productivity. With secure remote access now an essential element of organizations’ defense strategies, it’s important to implement network protection software like Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) so only authorized individuals can access sensitive information. For an added layer of resilience, ensure you protect your ZTNA from tampering.

Improve Workspace Security with Dell and Absolute

For these reasons, we’re proud to announce the newest addition to the Dell Endpoint Security portfolio: Absolute Secure Access. With this launch, customers can implement Absolute ZTNA, including a resilient deployment architecture, expanded network protection and ZTNA policy intelligence. With the industry’s first self-healing ZTNA, you’ll be able to monitor each PC’s files and associated processes. If tampering is detected, the application(s) automatically repairs or reinstalls itself, using a known good copy from a trusted source in Absolute’s secure cloud.

Additional benefits of implementing Secure Access include the following:

    • Ensures ZTNA application integrity through ongoing monitoring
    • Increases operational efficiency by leveraging automatic, zero-touch, built-in resilience
    • Maximizes productivity by guaranteeing availability of the ZTNA application and reducing IT help desk tickets

Cybersecurity is complex, but it doesn’t have to be with the right partners. Reach out to your Dell representative or contact our security specialists for guidance on your journey toward cyber resilience. 

Note: This blog was inspired by a piece authored by George Torsten, vice president, corporate & product marketing – Absolute.

1 Based on Dell internal analysis, September 2022.

Javier Madriz

About the Author: Javier Madriz

Javier Madriz is a Product Marketing Advisor for the Dell Endpoint Security portfolio. He is responsible for portfolio-wide marketing initiatives and a focus on Channel. Javi has a Bachelor’s degree and an MBA from UNC-Chapel Hill’s Kenan-Flagler Business School. He brings marketing, consulting, data analytics experience in multiple industries, including Tech, Media and Entertainment, Retail and CPG. Prior to business school, he worked as a "Swiss Army knife of Marketing" for StrongKey, a cybersecurity startup focused on Application Layer Encryption and Strong Authentication, where he led and managed a vast majority of their marketing efforts. Javi was born and raised in Guatemala City where he attended a French school for 15 years, where he developed his communication skills in French, English and Spanish. He spent seven years in Chapel Hill, NC and recently moved to downtown Austin. Outside of work, Javi loves watching/playing sports (soccer, tennis, golf, etc.), socializing and checking out breweries in the area, and playing video games. He’s also an avid traveler and has visited 21 countries!