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“We don’t produce, consume, manufacture, sell, or interact with beer drinkers without technology being a critical component in all of that,” said Travis Morrison, IT Director of New Belgium Brewing, in the most recent episode of Cloud Talks. Cloud Talks is a new video series, produced by Dell Technologies in partnership with Intel, that features IT and industry leaders conversing about life in a multi-cloud world. By uniting these voices, these conversations dive into industry-specific use cases of cloud and edge technologies.

The newly released 4th episode of Cloud Talks features Travis Morrison and Shelly Kramer, a founding partner of Futurum Research. Morrison and Kramer discuss how beer manufacturing is actually quite technical, and how data plays a significant role in brewing beer that tastes just right. The episode also addresses the collaboration of edge and cloud technologies when harvesting value from real-time analytics, “Cloud is the platform for every part of business operations. It’s not just migrating business to the cloud… it really is about business intelligence, it’s about analytics and having access to those real-time analytics. And I think it really requires a restructuring of how you think about IT,” stated Kramer.

Cloud Talks blends unique perspectives from education, healthcare, manufacturing, and other verticals. This variety of vertical use cases gives viewers insights about how cloud technologies improve the efficiency and productivity of all types of organizations. “It’s a cloudy world for IT and business leaders, which brings complexity and forces critical decisions. Our goal with this series is to match industry leaders in conversation to uncover their challenges, identify best practices and bring their thought leadership to life in a real way,” said Chad Mack, Cloud Talks series director. Mack looks forward to the exploration of new use cases for cloud and edge as the series grows.

Featured Episode:

Episode 4: Edge Computing and Overcoming Latency Obstacles in Manufacturing

Shelly Kramer and Travis Morrison discuss how taking advantage of edge technology and cloud services boosts operational efficiency in beer brewing.

Previous episodes:

Episode 3: Security in the Digital Economy and Partnering for Success Across the Business

Jo Peterson and Bob Bender discuss how extending compute and security through hybrid cloud combats banking fraud and protects member privacy.

Episode 2: Sophisticated Cloud Models and Securing Large Amounts of Personal Data

Matt Eastwood and James Lowey discuss how diagnosing sensitive, bio-medical research data with urgency demands the highest level of security and a sophisticated, hybrid cloud model.

Episode 1: Curation, Utilization and Protection of Data for the Long Term

Tom Stein and Nick Brackney discuss how archiving and sharing NASA’s moon and other planetary data with the science community requires a flexible multi-cloud strategy.

About the Author: Eve Falk

Eve Falk is an Analyst on the Dell Technologies Cloud product marketing team. She enjoys the strategic and creative nature of her role, which focuses on messaging and thought leadership initiatives. After graduating from the Isenberg School of Management at UMass Amherst, Eve joined the Marketing Development Program at Dell Technologies. Previously, she competed a 1-year rotation on the Competitive Intelligence team.