Connected PCs: Expanding Dell’s Relationship with AT&T

Dell Technologies partners with AT&T to offer secure network solutions, addressing modern business needs in a connected world.

In a world increasingly reliant on seamless connectivity, the need for reliable and secure network access has never been greater. Recognizing this, Dell is teaming up with AT&T to introduce a new promotion aimed at meeting the evolving needs of modern businesses.

Addressing Modern Connectivity Demands

As technology continues to advance, cellular connectivity has become indispensable, particularly in supporting the demands of GenAI use cases and the needs of remote and hybrid workers. According to research conducted by Dell on the GLG platform, there’s a growing expectation that cellular connectivity, especially with the promise of 5G, will play a more significant role in the future. If you require integrating data from distant locations, satellite and cellular connections might be the sole viable choices.

Moreover, connectivity isn’t just essential for individual users; it’s integral to the modern PC experience across various industries. From real estate to construction and professional services, connected PCs are seen as essential tools, enabling seamless communication and collaboration.

However, poor connectivity remains a significant frustration for many employees, ranking among the top three technology challenges in the workplace. With hybrid work becoming the new norm, the demand for reliable connectivity has only intensified. A significant number of companies have embraced a hybrid work model, with most employees favoring a blend of office and remote work arrangements.

Security Concerns in the Age of Hybrid Work

Despite the benefits of connectivity, security concerns loom large, especially in a hybrid work environment. Security breaches and cybercrimes pose significant threats, exacerbated by the increasing reliance on public Wi-Fi networks. Security professionals consistently overlook the fact that their own employees, contractors, and other internal users unknowingly facilitate (though not always intentionally perpetrate) numerous successful network breaches.

The integration of AI further heightens security risks, particularly with sensitive data and cloud-based applications. As AI applications become more pervasive across industries like healthcare, customer service and autonomous vehicles, ensuring data security becomes paramount.

Enhanced Security with Connected PCs

To address these challenges, Dell and AT&T are introducing a carrier promotion that not only enhances connectivity but also prioritizes security. By leveraging encrypted and secure cellular networks, connected PCs offer protection against unauthorized access and cyberattacks. Additionally, these PCs comply with the latest security standards and certifications, providing end-to-end security through Dell’s suite of security solutions.

Seamless Integration and Enhanced Performance

Connected PCs powered by AT&T’s network offer more than just security; they also deliver enhanced performance and a seamless user experience. With high-speed 4G and 5G networks, users can expect low-latency data transmission, supporting the data and computing demands of AI applications. This translates to better support for mobile and hybrid workers, enabling flexible work schedules and instant connectivity without the hassle of tethering or relying on public Wi-Fi networks. Giving priority to 5G as the main connection option in places where wireline alternatives are insufficient or unavailable should be of paramount importance.

The Carrier Referral Program: Simplifying Connectivity

Central to this promotion is the Carrier Referral Program, designed to accelerate the adoption of Connected PCs by simplifying the process of selecting, purchasing and activating carrier data plans. Targeting any commercial customer in the U.S. with a need for remote PC connectivity, the program offers up to a $100 bill credit and discounted monthly rates from AT&T for customers who activate service on eligible plans.1 Additionally, customers receive concierge support from AT&T to help select the right data plan and facilitate service activation at their convenience. Margaret Rooney-McMillen, AT&T Head of Strategic Partner Sales and Business Solutions VPGM, said, “AT&T is excited about this opportunity with Dell. Secure connectivity is critical to business workers, who are the heart and soul of AT&T business. The concierge service we’ve built to support Dell’s Carrier Referral Program is purpose driven, showcasing customer experience as our highest priority. We’re looking forward to seeing the success of this collaboration.”

Empowering Connectivity for the Future

Dell’s carrier promotion with AT&T represents a significant step forward in empowering connectivity for the future. By addressing the dual needs of reliable network access and robust security, this collaboration promises to redefine the way consumers and businesses experience connectivity. With seamless integration, enhanced performance and dedicated support, Dell and AT&T are committed to making connectivity simpler, safer and more accessible for all.

1 Select channels are ineligible for the offer. See Terms and Conditions on Carrier Marketplace for additional details.

Ryan Johnson

About the Author: Ryan Johnson

Ryan is a Product Manager in the Cloud Client Solutions Group at Dell Technologies. He is focused on building offers to improve the customer experience on 4G/5G Connected PCs. Ryan has been at Dell over six years and has managed partnerships with cybersecurity firms as well as Telecom providers. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Brigham Young University.