Continuous Collaboration Helps Dell KACE Reach New Heights of Customer Adoption

At this year’s Dell World and Dell World User Forum, I once again was reminded of the power of customer collaboration, which has helped Dell KACE continuously raise the bar in simplifying complex systems management while driving rapid time to value. For nearly a decade, we have sought opportunities to have highly engaging customer conversations about ways to automate mundane endpoint systems tasks, mitigate security risks and lower IT administrative costs.

Since its inception, Dell KACE has consistently created opportunities to offer our customers direct access to our engineers so they can attain on-the-ground feedback of what customers find valuable and what they’d like to see in future releases of our Dell KACE Systems Management Appliances. We’ve also sought solutions for connecting different peer groups, so they can share best practices and proven processes.

Woman using laptop at Dell World User Forum

To that end, Dell KACE has always had a seat at the table, whether it’s a conversation among different school districts talking about the demands of personalized learning or healthcare organizations sharing security concerns over emerging mobility practices and preferences. The 2014 Dell World User Forum continued the user dialogue over the course of several days, including 35 instructor-led labs, 66 self-paced sessions and more than 50 breakouts across KACE and Dell Software topics.

Each year, there’s something for everyone—the hardcore techies looking to take their skills to the next level as well as newcomers eager to learn from experienced pros who have tackled the toughest systems migration, deployment and management challenges. And, of course, we get a lot out of these interactions too, as many loyal customers are eager to take deep dives into new features under development and offer us real-time feedback on what works and what needs further development.

This community-driven approach has enabled us to steadily, consistently increase our market traction to where Dell KACE now has exceeded 10,000 customers! In honor of achieving the 10K customer milestone , we have compiled the top 10 reasons organizations worldwide have chosen to work with us to ease system lifecycle needs.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we created a congratulatory video featuring customers and Dell executives. In addition to espousing how Dell KACE makes it so much easier for them to do their jobs, these loyal customers proved how far they’d go to show their loyalty, offering to give up such things as an annual raise, plane trip, coffee or Klondike bars, before giving up their Dell KACE!

All kidding aside, we are extremely proud of this latest accomplishment and eager to take Dell KACE and endpoint systems management to new heights as a valued member of the Dell Software portfolio. This past year saw major steps forward with Dell KACE and we are poised for more advancements in the coming months.

Additionally, the important role we play in Dell Software’s broader security and mobility solutions is something customers will hear more about in the future. We’re becoming a more integral part of Dell’s end-to-end solutions, as evidenced by the inclusion of the Dell KACE K1000 Express in recent enhancements to the Dell Latitude and OptiPlex products.

We will continue to take advantage of Dell’s technology leadership, strength in software and services as well established global footprint to meet the systems management needs of customers everywhere. Large or small—every customer needs comprehensive yet easy-to-use systems management capabilities to automate tedious tasks, alleviate security threats and comply with industry and corporate policies—all while maximizing their budgets and resources to the fullest.

So, while we’re grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate our global market momentum, we certainly won’t be resting on our laurels, especially when there’s so much that can be done to keep pace with ever-evolving systems management demands.

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About the Author: Dave Kloba