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Dell Design Studio - Phillies

Today we expanded the Dell Design Studio to include the Inspiron Mini 10 and Mini 10v. This means that you can order a Dell Inspiron Mini that is distinctly and uniquely yours because for $85 you customized it with one of more than 200 original works of art and designs. For example, to celebrate the upcoming World Series, Yankee and Philly fans should check out their respective team design options (I will be checking out the Cardinals in anticipation of next season). Remember – each team has three design options ranging from the conservative "classics" to the edgy "die-hards." Dell Design Studio - Yankees Fan

Another favorite category will be the (PRODUCT) RED artwork, which generates a $20 contribution to the Global Fund in the fight to eliminate AIDS in Africa. We recently updated this collection adding new artists like Ben Grieme and Emil Kozak. Ben's designs are based on details found in his own photography – he will zoom in on one small element in an image until it's unrecognizable in its original form. Emil on the other hand has an eye for detail, and then subtly works in another, almost subliminal layer that often contains obscure references, or codes and hints.

Inspiron Mini 10 (PRODUCT) RED

Here's perspective from Ben Grieme: "(PRODUCT)
RED challenges us to think differently about ourselves and how our
responsibilities towards others affects all of us as whole. It asks for
personal responsibility towards ourselves,
our world, and to share ownership of worlds plight. In this series of
work, I ask the viewer to give new life and meaning to the objects
presented in their hues by adding the contexts of their own lives to the work.  Mirroring the challenge set forth
by (PRODUCT) RED to give life to a cause by sharing ownership, I hope
to give life to the work through sharing ownership of the pieces with
you all."

The Art section of the Design Studio currently houses the "Illuminations" collection, organized by guest curator Gordon Hull (check out the interview with Gordon – it definitely provides some interesting perspective.) I took my daughter on a tour recently and she picked out Rainbow Cloud Colorful light by   Kamau Patton as her favorite, while I lean more toward Jim Drain's Wellwell.

We moved several of the most popular designs and artists like Derek Welch (Horizonte del Infinito) and Korakrit to the Classics section. Amazingly enough, designs by our inaugural artist, Mike Ming, remain some of the most popular, and can be found there as well.

We will of course continue to offer several color options on the Inspiron Minis, the most popular being Passion Pink, which generates a donation to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. However, in the next week or so we will unveil an expanded palette created in conjunction with the color experts from OPI, with unique choices like Dear Santa, Smitten with Mittens and Pompeii Purple. As we moved closer to announcing our relationship with OPI, there were two reactions inside Dell: the women were excited and the men confused (most had to be told about OPI, leading nail lacquer supplier worldwide). I advised one of my more skeptical male colleagues to do some quick market research with his wife, which he did. Within a couple of minutes of hitting send on an email to her, she responded with her current top three colors, plus what their 11-year old daughter prefers. She definitely validated that this program resonates with women everywhere.

By expanding our personalization options to include the Inspiron Mini devices, we are allowing people to customize a Mini for Me (not to be confused with Mini Me). So have fun, make it unique and ensure Inspiron Mini is never confused with someone else's no matter where your travels take you.

About the Author: Anne Camden