Creating a future-ready business

More than ever, technology is critical to driving business results.

Whether harnessing data to create better products and services, leveraging the cloud to rapidly address new business needs, or supporting a highly mobile workforce, IT is at the forefront of driving competitive advantage. Big data, cloud and mobile are ushering new capabilities and resetting expectations about what’s possible. In the process, they are creating new waves of workloads and changing architectures, deployment, and consumption of IT from the data center all the way to the end user device. IT infrastructure must have the agility and flexibility to keep up with an unpredictable future.

You might have heard Dell talking recently about “future-ready enterprise.” What do we mean by that exactly? Being future-ready doesn’t mean ripping and replacing your existing infrastructure. Rather, it acknowledges the rapidly evolving technology landscape of today, and the need for businesses to be able to adapt quickly now and into the future. Future-ready means being deliberate about building a bridge between your legacy IT and innovative technologies to enable business growth and optimize existing IT applications and performance.

Organizations need a way to bridge between current infrastructure and future investments in order to connect, innovate and grow. Businesses that fail to bridge between New and Legacy IT are more likely to have silo’d datacenters, which leads to unnecessary complexity and higher Operating Expenditures. The IT platform powering your business to its full potential must be both future-ready, and ready right now.

With that in mind, here are some “rules to live by” for setting up a future-ready IT enterprise: 

Dell’s future-ready data center transforms with you, so you can transform your business.

Dell is the only company that delivers integrated IT that allows customers to break free from proprietary and costly solutions, and move forward with technology that is open, customizable and cost-effective. Based on open standards, modular infrastructure, and easy scalability, we are uniquely positioned to give you and your business the flexibility and agility you need to capitalize on every opportunity now, and into the future. With Dell, you are better prepared for change: changes in your business, changing technologies, changing customer expectations, and changes no one could have anticipated. Dell continuously solves for technology change with a modern platform, industry leading partners, services and support expertise, and a unique perspective on how technology should support, not disrupt, the business.

You can expect to hear a lot more from us in the coming months and years on why – and how – to achieve a truly future-ready business. We look forward to partnering with you, and to watching your business grow. To learn more, visit

About the Author: Marius Haas