Powering Up Data Protection for the Future

The Dell PowerProtect data protection portfolio is expanding with the new DP series of integrated appliances, offering more simplicity, efficiency and agility.

Times sure have changed. Today, my home is my office and my favorite local coffee place delivers hot coffee and pastries right to my door (hurray!). And, as if technology weren’t already evolving at breakneck speeds, current global circumstances have driven IT to change even faster – with multi-cloud, modern apps and IT environments growing ever more complex. We are seeing IT transformations happening in a couple of months, when just a few months ago they were planned to happen over years.

In my role, I’ve witnessed our portfolio’s own transformation to help our customers tackle these new challenges, “powering up” to become a one-stop shop for data protection.

Today, the transformation of our data protection portfolio continues with the introduction of the new Dell PowerProtect DP series integrated appliances. DP series appliances raise the bar for performance and efficiency with 38% faster backups and 45% faster restores1, 30% more logical capacity2 and 60K IOPS for instant access and restore of up to 64 VMs.3

The result?  Simplicity, efficiency and agility from the #1 vendor in data protection appliances and software4 with PowerProtect appliances.

Our new portfolio of appliances doubles down on the performance and efficiency which our customers have trusted for over a decade. Our data protection products are so trusted, in fact, that nearly 50 cents of every dollar spent on Purpose-Built Backup Appliances (PBBA) is for a Dell solution.5

Nearly 50 cents of every dollar spent on Purpose-Built Backup Appliances (PBBA) is for a Dell solution.”

Continued innovation in our Dell PowerProtect Data Manager software also delivers new value for PowerProtect appliance customers who have cloud, VMware and Kubernetes environments. The Data Manager cloud ecosystem has expanded to allow you to protect in-cloud workloads in Azure as well as in-cloud Kubernetes workloads in AWS and Azure.  PowerProtect Data Manager integrations make it the only solution to provide native vCenter Storage Policy Based Management integration for VM protection.6 Protection of Kubernetes environments has also expanded to include agentless, application-consistent protection of PostgreSQL and Cassandra.

Whether you’re looking to drive agility with your Kubernetes, VMware or cloud workloads, or want to protect your business from the increasing dangers of cyber threats like ransomware and insider attacks with our PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solution (which by the way was the first turnkey data vaulting solution to be endorsed by Sheltered Harbor), we’ve got you covered. Our one-stop portfolio makes data protection oh-so-simple.  In fact, our customers spend less time searching for solutions from multiple vendors, which research has found could increase exposure to data loss and financial risk.7

We offer true choice when it comes to how you deploy your solutions – with all-in-one PowerProtect DP series integrated appliances (the fastest way to transform your data protection for the future),  PowerProtect DD series target appliances (great for build-your-own solutions), PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition (the software-defined version of our DD series) and PowerProtect Data Manager (our next-generation software platform for cloud data protection). We make it simple to choose the right solution to fit your environment and meet your needs with a broad portfolio of solutions to safeguard your data. And, we do it in a way that fits your operating, consumption and budget needs.

We offer a low cost-to-protect at less than 1 cent per GB/month.8

With Dell Technologies On Demand you can choose how to pay for, consume and manage your data protection. With our fully managed services, you can leave your ongoing data protection operations to our experts to monitor, operate and optimize your environment, saving time and reducing risk. Plus, effectively control IT spending of upfront and operations costs with flexible, consumption-based payment options – so you can pay for Dell data protection as you go, as you use it, and get it provided as a Service. This enables you to more effectively budget for IT spending and pay for technology and services only as needed – all in a way that makes the most sense for you.

Times have changed – but so have the data protection solutions offered by Dell Technologies – and for the better. If you’re looking for maximum efficiency, agility and simplicity, the Dell PowerProtect portfolio is for you.

I like the way one of our customers recently put it:

“Partnering with Dell has meant years of reliability and the confidence that everything can be handled through this one relationship.” — Liam Furlong, IT Manager, Revelation Software Concepts

Times have changed – but so have the data protection solutions offered by Dell Technologies – and for the better. If you’re looking for maximum efficiency, agility and simplicity, the Dell PowerProtect portfolio is for you.

¹ Based on Dell internal testing with DD Boost protocol on DD9900 within DP8900 with DDOS 7.2 vs. DD9800 within DP8800 with DDOS 7.2, April 2020. Actual results may vary.

2 Based on field telemetry from PowerProtect DD series appliances. PowerProtect DP series appliances also apply to field telemetry data. Actual results may vary.

3 Based on 8KB 100% read internal test to measure peak IOPS, performed on PowerProtect DD9900 and DDOS 7.2, July 2020. Retest performed on DD9900 within DP8900, September 2020. Actual results may vary. 

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8 Source: Based on ESG review commissioned by Dell, “Analyzing the Economic and Operational Benefits of the Dell Data Protection Portfolio”, September 2020, evaluating the economic value of the Dell data protection portfolio. Actual results will vary.

About the Author: Laura DuBois

Laura DuBois was formerly a Vice President of Product Management with Dell Technologies.