More About Dell’s Enstratius Acquisition

Enstratius logoDell's been providing public and private cloud options to our business customers for years now. There’s a reason why many companies are either considering or have already deployed cloud environments to help with aspects of their IT needs.  Cloud deployments offer new levels flexibility in helping organizations deliver and manage applications and IT services.

While clouds themselves offer flexibility, managing multiple cloud environments can be especially challenging. And that’s why it’s not surprising that customers have told us they are interested in making it easier to manage multi-cloud environments. Given the rapid evolution and adoption of cloud deployment models – across private, public and hybrid cloud environments –  it’s easy to see why cloud management is a key strategic priority for the Dell Software Group.

That’s why Dell acquired Enstratius today. They help IT organizations deploy and manage enterprise-class applications and IT services across private, public and hybrid clouds. Enstratius provides software solutions that deliver single and multi-cloud management capabilities, including usage governance, automation to meet service levels, cloud utilization monitoring, financial controls and application provisioning. In fact, we’ve partnered with Enstratius over the last year to offer their solution as a component of Dell’s OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution.

Enstratius complements other tools in Dell’s software arsenal like Gale Technologies’ Active System Manager (ASM). Enstratius currently supports more than 20 public and private cloud platforms, with the added flexibility to easily add new clouds. Enstratius supports all leading public and private clouds,including OpenStack, VMware, Rackspace, Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure. Also worth noting: Enstratius is “cloud agnostic” so customers can choose any combination of public and private cloud providers, including Dell and non-Dell clouds.

Here’s what one of our customers had to say about the acquisition:

Dell Enstratius quote from Phil Komarny, CIO Seton Hill University

About the Author: Tom Kendra