Deploy PCs with Greater Speed and More Flexibility

Dell’s modernized ProDeploy Client Suite is a better fit your evolving IT needs and provides an exceptional end-user experience.

When we first introduced ProDeploy Client Suite six years ago, it was a service designed to offer the IT administrator a host of solutions to lighten their IT load. Over the years, we’ve been advancing the offer to better fit changing customer needs. In fact, the pandemic created a rapid evolution of how customers deploy PCs, as many companies had to adjust to a hybrid work environment. We’ve recently refreshed the entire suite to make it easier to deploy PCs across your ever-evolving workforce. Whether team members are on-site or remote, with a huge IT department or none at all, Dell Technologies can serve as your deployment department—ready to provide the behind-the-scenes expertise to help your employees be productive right out of the box. Read on as we describe some of the ways we have updated our delivery to help you accomplish your IT goals.

Solving Your IT Challenges

The ProDeploy Client Suite allows you to leverage our decades of experience and established factory capabilities to help you deploy high-quality, personalized device experiences to your end users wherever they work. With three primary offers within the suite—ProDeploy Essentials, ProDeploy and ProDeploy Plus—there’s an offer that fits the simplest to most complex IT deployment styles. Also, our ProDeploy Client Suite leverages with your cloud and automation services for speed and simplicity. This allows you more options to configure, install and recover using Dell’s modern deployment solutions.

From day one, you will be paired with an engagement manager who will serve as your single point of contact during your deployment journey. From planning and setup to configuration, installation, data migration and asset retirement, whether on-site or remote, count on us to help get your employees up and running quickly.

ProDeploy Essentials helps get the PC set up for the end user, from initial PC setup and preparation to data transfer, whether remote or on-site.

ProDeploy partners with IT to apply common customization of hardware settings and software so systems meet IT specifications for security, software and network protocols.

With ProDeploy Plus, we bring it all together to take care of end user needs and efficiently meet IT specifications while working with IT teams to plan, configure and integrate utilizing modern deployment solutions for ready-to-work deployments.

Our customers agree!

But don’t just take our word for it. Dwight Sneden is a longtime Dell customer and head of IT at Purdue University in Indiana. He recently spoke at Dell Technologies World about his experience with Connected Provisioning, a new feature of ProDeploy Plus.

“Our team roadmap long term is to provide more automation and more efficiency so our customers don’t have to wait for us to provide support or service if they can take care of things themselves. I think the biggest benefit of Connected Provisioning is just streamlining the delivery and reducing the time to deliver. We can do so much more with that extra time and we could repurpose our staff to do other things.” -Dwight Sneden, Head IT at Purdue University

In today’s work-from-anywhere world, deploying and integrating new computer systems can be complex—but it doesn’t have to be as complex with the right deployment partner. Get time back and employees up and running faster with ProDeploy Client Suite. Take another step in your workforce transformation with ProDeploy Client Suite from Dell Technologies.

About the Author: Jason Christensen

Jason Christensen is a Senior Product Manager for Dell Technologies who supports the ProDeploy Client Suite in our Deployment Services organization. He joined Dell Technologies in 2003 and has more than 20 years of experience in the PC Support and Deployment Services industry. Jason is currently responsible for the strategy behind the ProDeploy Client Suite product, customer experience requirements and the global features. Prior to his current role, Jason served on the Dell Technologies SPOTS team. He holds a B.S. in Computer Information Systems from the University of Arkansas.