Accelerating GenAI with Dell APEX Flexibility

Innovate faster with the newest Validated Designs for GenAI, available via Dell APEX subscriptions.

Seize the Potential

Generative AI (GenAI) is poised to transform every industry and is advancing rapidly. This tremendous opportunity also comes with challenges. Organizations harnessing its benefits will need to address skill gaps, infrastructure investment and transforming business models.

Business leaders expect to run as much as 71%¹ of their GenAI workloads in hybrid and private clouds. These clouds span diverse on-premises environments, such as edge locations, colocation facilities and corporate data centers. This preference is not surprising given leaders are prioritizing cost control, customization, security and data integrity. Meeting these demands requires agile infrastructure for testing and scaling new GenAI initiatives, as well as quick access to emerging technology to prevent technical debt.

We are committed to evolve and meet these demands with you. The latest Dell Technologies Validated Designs for GenAI are available via Dell APEX subscriptions. These designs enable you to rapidly adopt recent technology on-premises, bringing GenAI to your data without extensive upfront investment. 

Overcome the Challenges

Most new GenAI projects fail at an estimated rate of 85%.² This is due to factors such as deficient infrastructure, skill gaps, lack of customization and data security and management issues—a truly daunting statistic for IT teams tasked to gain competitive advantage with GenAI.

If the risk of failure is so high, why does it seem that every business has a plan to implement GenAI? The answer is that more than 70% of organizations report seeing value from GenAI within just three months.

Key to starting (or continuing) your GenAI journey involves finding prime use cases and selecting solutions that directly address key challenges. Dell Validated Designs for GenAI improve your success rate by mitigating common pitfalls with pre-tested hardware and software solutions. These designs ensure your infrastructure is robust, secure and customized for your workloads.  

Control the Cost

Complementing the Validated Designs, Dell APEX enables you to subscribe to Dell-owned infrastructure tailored for your unique GenAI requirements. This model allows you to only pay for what you use, aligning financial and operational needs as technology evolves. Dell APEX gives you the freedom to innovate with reduced financial risks and avoids the potential for unpredictable costs associated with public cloud services that can vary based on the volume of data processing and storage.

Upfront cost is typically one of the biggest barriers to entry. Infrastructure like GPUs, servers and storage represent substantial investments and typically run on set refresh cycles. This forces businesses to ask, what comes first—the investment or the benefit? The Dell APEX subscription approach can help by aligning value and usage, spreading costs over time to ensure a cost-effective and flexible pathway to harnessing the power of AI. 

Access the Latest Technology

As GenAI continues to fundamentally transform the business environment, it’s also driving greater infrastructure needs. This creates a challenge for businesses working to deploy effective solutions in competitive and changing landscapes while promoting ongoing improvement and innovation. How do IT teams avoid technical debt amidst this incredible growth?

By subscribing to infrastructure, customers can sidestep the obsolete technology and financial burdens associated with owning aging hardware. APEX ensures businesses are not locked into technology. At the end of each term, they have the flexibility to upgrade and embrace the next wave of innovation as it emerges. This aligns with the evolving needs of GenAI, allowing companies to stay in control of their data, security, insights and competitive advantage while operating at the forefront of technological advancement. 

Mitigate the Risk

The excitement surrounding the possibilities for GenAI have led to the emergence of Shadow AI as lines of business implement solutions without centralized oversight. This unregulated adoption of GenAI leads to myriad challenges, such as unaccounted costs, security vulnerabilities and scalability issues. Dell Validated Designs for GenAI and APEX provide a structured, scalable and secure infrastructure helping to centralize deployments to align with organizational strategies. 

Move Forward with Confidence

Some organizations are new to GenAI, while others have been on this journey for a while. Dell offers expert services to meet you where you are, aligning your data and infrastructure with your business goals. Whether you’re starting with prioritization and roadmap development, or advancing to data management for implementation, we’re here to assist. And if you need help keeping your projects on track and productive, we have ongoing management and training.

The entire GenAI portfolio can become part of your infrastructure through Dell APEX. This includes PowerEdge servers for AI, storage for AI and Precision workstations, along with a continuously expanding library of solutions tailored for training, inferencing and more. So, whether it’s steering clear of technical debt, scaling up to meet demand or keeping your AI initiatives secure and aligned with your business objectives, Dell Technologies Validated Designs with APEX subscriptions have got you covered. Head over to Dell APEX for AI to find out how we can help you unlock the full potential of Generative AI.

1 Enterprise Strategy Group research report, “Navigating the Evolving AI Infrastructure Landscape.”
2 Gartner Says Nearly Half of CIOs Are Planning to Deploy Artificial Intelligence

About the Author: David Singer

David Singer is Senior Vice President for Dell Technologies Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG), responsible for delivering Dell's vast portfolio as-a-Service via Dell APEX. A 20-year Dell veteran, David also has held a variety of leadership positions across ISG, ranging from sales and channel development to operations and engineering, including ISG Integrated Strategy, ISG Center of Competence (CoC) and Strategy, Planning and Operations for ISG Storage. David is a strategist and change agent, who successfully executes across complex businesses and organizational structures to optimize businesses and positively impact short- and long-term outcomes. ​​​​​​​David holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Tufts University and a Master’s in Business Administration from New York University Stern School of Business.