Dell and virtualization — Aiming small, winning big

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Savvy IT managers are looking to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDIs) as a means of streamlining efficiency, cutting costs and reducing power requirements. Desktop virtualization is viewed by many in the industry as similar to data center virtualization in terms of architecture, but they are distinct. In a nutshell, you can think of desktop virtualization as separating a user’s desktop environment from his physical computer. Think of data center virtualization as separating the physical server your users depend on into several smaller virtual servers. In both cases, you’re replacing a physical resource with a virtual one, and saving money.

What was once only an option for large companies with big budgets is now attainable for small companies too. Smaller businesses stand to gain as much from the flexibility of desktop virtualization as larger ones. According to Forrester blogger Lauren Nelson, 46 percent of enterprises plan to invest in private clouds this year. But so far, many companies have been unable to take advantage of the benefits because of the high cost of getting there.  

Fortunately, new products are making it easy for the little guy to enter the world of cloud client computing and reap the same efficiency benefits. Dell just announced a virtualization product for smaller-scale organizations — and got a prestigious award from Citrix for excellence in virtualization.

A vehicle for cutting virtualization costs

(DVS) Enterprise Integrated Storage for Citrix XenDesktop 7 is a great addition to the Dell family of secure virtual desktop infrastructure solutions. It’s affordable, it's easy to use and it features local storage. Such significant cost savings make desktop virtualization a possibility for companies who may not have been able to consider it previously.

Validation for virtualization excellence

Every good business owner prioritizes cost-cutting. But for those who run a small business, doing so can mean the difference between success and failure. Limited staffing, limited space and limited resources make low maintenance and low-cost business decisions a must for survival. Local storage can cost half as much as remote, in the case of (DVS) Enterprise Integrated Storage for Citrix XenDesktop 7 — reducing the cost from $400 to less than $200 per user. 

The recent Best of Synergy 2013 awards recognized partners for delivering solutions that, in combination with Citrix technology, solve this type of challenge for smaller businesses. Dell and Citrix have a long-respected partnership wherein they’ve created solid tools that reduce cost and enhance the efficiency and management of desktop virtualization environments.

Dell continues to lead the way in terms of reducing the cost and complexity of deploying and operating a virtual desktop infrastructure — including a full Active System (AS) series of infrastructure solutions supporting Citrix. The Active System series allows IT professionals to deploy, manage and scale private clouds with ease. 

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Topics in this article