Dell APJ Global Commercial Channels kicks off the Partner Summit this week with calls to strengthen alliances and “Better Together”

 Greetings from Chengdu, China! The Dell GCC team is here to kick off our Global Commercial Channels (GCC) Partner Summit – the second for China and the very first for the APJ region!

Earlier yesterday morning, the Dell APJ GCC leadership team turned heads as they walked down the hallways of Holiday Inn Chengdu Century City. Led by Richard Lee, Vice President, GCC, Dell APJ, the Dell executives entered the stage, smartly decked in traditional Chinese military armor for the opening keynote of the Dell China Partner Summit. Chengdu, China, the locale for this year’s China Partner Summit, is according to Chinese history, a place where alliances are formed between differing factions. This historical significance stuck a chord with the Dell APJ GCC team and acutely reflected the theme for this year’s Partner Summit, “Better Together”.  In his keynote, ‘General’ Richard Lee pledged to the 400 Chinese Dell partners in the audience to continue empowering their current alliance so as to conquer the enterprise IT market in China. Richard and the Dell executives also took the opportunity to share the latest updates from Dell’s four business units, Enterprise Solutions, End User Computing, Software and Services, as well as the training and solutions available to partners in China.


 Signifying the importance of the Chinese market, Dell’s Global Vice President and General Manager of GCC, Greg Davis, was also present at this event. He shared more on Dell’s global channel strategy, as well as how the recent privatization announcement will help accelerate business for Dell and its partners. In addition to the keynotes from Dell, the China Partner Summit also saw the special attendance of Kitty Fok, China General Manager of IDC, who shed light on the current IT trends in China. Kitty spoke on key trends such as the consumerization of IT, cloud computing, big data, and how these forces will shape IT purchase decisions in 2014.


Feedback on the event thus far has been extremely positive, with channel partners heartened to hear about Dell’s commitment to the Chinese partner community as well as how the privatization announcement will change their relationship for the better. Many were also appreciative of the efforts that Dell took to ensure doing business with the company becomes easier.


The Dell China Partner Summit 2013 ends in a day and will be followed by the launch of the inaugural Dell APJ Partner Summit on November 6 to 8.  To stay up to date on the event follow us on social media:

About the Author: Kay Griggs