Dell at #TDWI Conference

A few weeks ago Dell announced the Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance, designed to make data warehousing easier for mid-market and departmental users. We will be debuting the appliance at the TDWI (The Data Warehousing  Institute)  World Conference in San Diego next week, July 29 – August 3. 

On Monday, July 30, Dell and Microsoft invite attendees to a hospitality suite (7:00 – 8:30 PM PST, Manchester A) to celebrate the launch of the Dell Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance and hear more about how it goes a step beyond other data warehouse appliances in putting data to work for mid-market companies.

On Wednesday, August 1 (11:45am – 12:05pm PST, Manchester A), an early Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance customer, Razorsight Corporation, will present their experience in a case study titled “ The Real Advantages of the Dell Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance” with  Suren Nathan,  Chief Technology Officer, Razorsight Corporation.

Suren will discuss how Razorsight, global leader of cloud-based analytics solutions for Communications Service Providers (CSPs),  is making use of the Dell Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance to perform profitability analytics on very large volumes of billing and call data in support of their suite of carrier-to-carrier billing products. He will compare use of the SQL Server 2012-based appliance to their previous custom-built SQL Server data warehouse implementation, showing how the appliance has improved set-up time, performance and scalability.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Dell Services will be demonstrating the appliance at their booth in the exhibit hall. Stop by and see us!

About the Author: Vickie Farrell