Dell Cherrywood Offers Student Transition Year Programme

Are you fully equipped with the resources to best support your children in their academic career choices?

Do you understand what new jobs will evolve? What training will be essential for them?

We can help you!

Transition Year (TY) School students needing an understanding of their career options, plans for the future and fields of study for their Leaving Certificate, face many doubts. They all have their own questions, requiring personalized responses catered to their personal situations.

These are the questions that Dell wants to address by helping TY School students reinforce their choice of orientation and find answers.

dell cherrywood transition year students

We recently held our second official work experience programme for Transition Year students and had the pleasure of meeting a total of 36 students with very diverse profiles and interests. The feedback was phenomenal!

‘‘It was, in my opinion, a very instructive week, it gave me a better understanding of my skills and how they relate to my career possibilities,” said Jack, a recent student of the programme.

What is the purpose of the Transition Year (TY) programme?

It’s a win-win situation. Among our goals for 2020 is to connect the youth of today with a more promising tomorrow through the power of technology. As we pursue our mission to enable people everywhere to grow and thrive, Dell is committed to helping students make more informed choices about their future.  And because our goal is to recruit talent from around the world, we want to be as close as possible to our potential candidates.

On the other side, the TY week-long structured programme allows students establish their first contacts with the business world. It is a way for them to learn more about themselves and develop life skills that will prove important for years to come.

Dell is a truly diverse organization. Our team members come from many different backgrounds, and we work with customers globally in a multitude of sectors and business areas. For the students, that means there is a world of opportunity to create a diverse and challenging career.

‘’This initial contact with the business world is very important. Many teenagers find themselves intimidated or not in their comfort zone in front of professionals. I came here to confront this new world and it’s a real opportunity for my development,’’ said Ellen, a recent student. ‘’By Friday, I no longer felt as an intruder. Everyone was so friendly and more than willing to help out.’’

So how does it work?

It is a practical discovery!

It starts with presentations of the company and the wide range of functions, all aimed to help our students learn more about our culture and career offerings.  Various workshops, presentations and fun team building activities are set up in the following days allowing students to spend time with professionals in action and in their work environment.

Examples of topics covered:

  • IT
    • Digital transformation and discover what’s next
    • Overview of the principal duties and responsibilities of a Technical Support Engineer, key skills required
    • Job shadowing-calls listening
  • Dell Financial Services
    • How Dell is helping customers get the best technology solutions through leasing and other payment models that best match their budget
    • Overview of the principal job categories within DFS -Legal, Credit, Pricing, Compliance, Risk etc.
    • Security and fraud in a banking environment.
  • HR
    • Step by step process on how to write a resume and cover letter
    • Interview Preparation
    • Speed interview exercise
    • Personal branding-practice session

At the end of the week, the students got a valuable insight into our company in general and were accustomed to our IT environment and the work we do in different roles.  In fact, 83% of our students said that the work-experience had made them even more determined to pursue a career in Dell.

What we heard from our students:

  • ‘Planning for the future is very important even if those plans may change. Be ready to bounce back.’
  • ‘At Dell, it’s never boring, always challenging.’
  • ‘With passion, is how people chose a career.’

Take advantage of our TY Programme!

Walk up to us, introduce yourself, and join us for a week of learning, networking and connect with the future.

About the Author: Carole Wojcieszczuk