Dell and Cisco – the Legacy of Joint Success Continues

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We’ve been busy with the merger of Dell and EMC and although we’ve crossed the finish line on the merger with Dell to become the largest privately controlled tech company, we still have many milestones ahead.

For us, what remains the same is our strong and committed partnership with Cisco.  This partnership spans nearly 20 years and has generated billions of dollars’ worth of business, resulting in tens of thousands of customers around the globe.  I’m tremendously excited about future opportunities that will further strengthen this relationship.

As we deliver products and solutions that operate in mission critical data center environments around the world, our mutual customers depend on our technologies working well together. They can invest in us with confidence knowing that Dell and Cisco have strategic alignment, long-standing resell arrangements in place and a solid support agreement to deliver world class single support.

Take a minute to watch this video of Chuck Robbins and Michael Dell discussing the future of our partnership and read a blog from Frank Palumbo, Senior Vice President, Global Data Center Sales, Cisco

Together, Dell and Cisco can continue to lead customers on their journey to cloud computing and IT transformation.

About the Author: Burney Barker

Topics in this article