Dell Expands Printer Solutions to meet Evolving Customer Needs

At Dell, we strive to provide our customers with the end-to-end technology they need to succeed in their day to day lives. When it comes to printing, this means more than delivering industry-leading hardware, but also offering the software and solutions that businesses today require to maintain an efficient office environment.

Today, we’re updating our printer solutions portfolio both through expanded relationships with our partners Cortado, Nuance and Perceptive Software and the release of a powerful, web-based printer fleet management tool – Dell OpenManage™ Printer Manager (OMPM) v2.

Available as a free download on the Dell Web site, OMPM reduces the amount of time dedicated to printer maintenance by providing IT administrators with the necessary tools to proactively monitor, manage and review status reports on all network printers.  OMPM v2 also helps organizations reduce equipment costs and increase employee productivity. The result? IT departments can focus on critical tasks and keep business downtime to a minimum

Specifically, the latest version of the Dell OpenManage™ Printer Manager (OMPM) v2 offers the following capabilities:

  • Delivery of comprehensive and customizable reports helping to ensure business decisions are made with the most up-to-date information
  • Pre-configured alerts that can be easily arranged for fast response to technical issues
  • The ability to selectively send ‘smart’ SNMP alerts to designated administrators, allowing them to respond appropriately and proactively to any printer issue
  • A single easy to deploy installer file which includes all documents, applications and databases
  • A Printer Discovery Wizard to help find the printers on a network immediately or at a set schedule to ensure smooth network traffic in complex enterprise environments

And, don’t forget our expanded news includes expanded partnerships with industry leaders Cortado, Nuance and Perceptive Software.  These partnerships provide our business customers with the flexible and innovative technologies needed to streamline their document workflows, address the need to print from mobile devices like smart phones and tablets and deploy proven enterprise content management solutions to bring order to the volumes of unorganized paper, computer files, images, email and all other types of content that stifle productivity. 

Dell printer’s powerful combination of hardware, software and services help both SMB and enterprise IT departments maximize their resources and better enable office efficiency. After all, who couldn’t use a little more time on their hands?

Tell us – what tools do you use to maximize office efficiency? 

About the Author: Don Heath