Meet the Future of Computing with AI PCs

AI is revolutionizing the PC experience, delivering innovation and efficiency right at your fingertips.

The era of the AI PC has arrived, and it’s already reshaping industries with unprecedented momentum. AI PCs now come in various forms and definitions, ranging from GPU-powered and NPU-powered systems to cloud-based solutions. Both industry suppliers and analysts offer diverse perspectives on this evolving landscape, reflecting the dynamic nature of AI integration in computing.

What is an AI PC?

At Dell Technologies, AI PCs go beyond mere jargon—they are devices with built-in neural processing unit (NPU) hardware specifically designed to handle AI workloads. When combined with a CPU or a GPU (discrete graphics card), these devices offer unparalleled AI compute capabilities right at your fingertips. Reflecting on the introduction of the first GPU in 1999, which drove demand for higher graphic performance in software, it’s clear that decades later, the surge in AI now necessitates a new approach to PC architecture. At the forefront, Dell is adapting to meet these emerging AI demands.

Elevating the AI PC Experience

With the introduction of the first AI PCs in March 2024, running at speeds of up to 11 trillion operations per second (TOPS), on the NPU. These devices are capable of driving modern AI experiences and handling more common AI workloads such as background blur in Zoom for power efficiency, faster text to image generation and AI video editing with lower latency and quicker processing. An AI PC provides the efficiency an everyday knowledge worker would need to have a productive workday. But, like any technology, AI PCs are bound to evolve. Copilot+ PCs recently entered the market as a subset of AI PCs, engineered to deliver even more robust AI experiences. These devices create a new AI PC category with an NPU running at 40 TOPS, 16 GB memory and a dedicated Copilot key on the keyboard to quickly launch Copilot in Windows. These specifications bring on-device AI features such as “Recall” and Live Translations within Windows 11.

Discover the AI PC Advantage

The introduction of AI PCs signals a new era of innovation and efficiency. Designed to use less power and improve battery life compared to traditional PCS, AI PCs elevate productivity while being energy efficient. This ensures more reliable operations of AI-driven applications with features that require substantial computing power to run smoothly. Having an AI PC enables users to leverage AI-driven tools without experiencing slowdowns or performance issues.

Productivity stands out as a significant outcome of utilizing AI tools. Much of the workforce spends more than half their day in meetings, communicating and searching for information—giving less time to focus on activities for which they were employed. With more powerful devices like Copilot+ PCs, users can use new intelligent search to quickly locate what they were working on and viewing and get it back running.

Users can also expect to elevate their collaboration experience with Enhanced Studio Effects standardizing how they look across collaboration applications with features as background blur, auto-framing, eye contact maintenance and creative filters. Inclusive collaboration reaches new heights with instant live translations in over 40 languages, breaking down linguistic barriers seamlessly—with no internet connection needed. Embracing AI within our devices means embracing efficiency as a cornerstone of your day-to-day.

With AI PCs, users can future-proof their digital toolkit, unlocking a realm of possibilities. For example, Adobe Suite offers 1.5x faster photo editing enhancing creative workflows.1 On the other hand, everyday business applications, such as Microsoft Teams, provide up to 23 more minutes of battery life over a three-hour period, thanks to AI advancements.2

Security concerns around AI are a top priority, and AI PCs offer improved security through more precise identification and description, as well as lower latency. Organizations can also benefit from improved fleet health management and monitoring through quicker AI-based recognition of endpoint device irregularities and improved self- (or auto-) repair.

The Time to Embrace AI PCs is Now

At Dell Technologies, we envision a future where AI PCs drive efficiency and innovation across industries. The efficiency of NPUs balances initial investments by reducing cloud computing costs and enabling internal operations to thrive. Investing in AI PCs is akin to future-proofing your technology infrastructure, preparing for the transformative changes ahead.

As the role of AI PCs continues to evolve, Dell remains committed to being your trusted partner every step of the way. Whether it’s optimizing workflows, enhancing security measures or fostering innovation, we’re here to empower your journey toward a smarter, more connected future—because the next big thing is already here.

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1 As measured by AI Photo Editing workload using Adobe Lightroom Classic vs. 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-1185G7. See for workloads and configurations. Results may vary​.
2 Results that are based on pre-production systems and components using an Intel® Core Ultra 7 165H pre-production system. Results may vary based on future changes to any systems, components, specifications, or configurations.

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