Dell Introduces World’s First WiGig-based Wireless Dock for Unparalleled Convenience and Connectivity

At Dell, we’re driven by providing our customers with innovative new products, and that’s why I’m especially excited that we’ve introduced the industry’s first WiGig-based wireless dock.  With the new solution, customers can achieve unparalleled convenience and superior connectivity to displays, networks, audio and other peripherals. 

The Dell Wireless Dock is compatible with the Dell Latitude 6430u Enterprise Ultrabook and has the same level of usability as the current Latitude E Series Dock. Enterprises can use the WigGig docking station for fast, seamless desk docking and to connect to meeting room projectors – without the hassles of any cables. An Ethernet connector on the dock helps ensure high and dedicated bandwidth for fast data transfers. Users can connect up to two external displays with DisplayPort and HDMI ports for enhanced productivity. The Dell Wireless Dock is also secure and manageable, providing both essential data protection and seamless connectivity for a best-in-class docking experience.

In addition to enterprise environments, we believe The Dell Wireless Dock is an ideal connectivity tool for schools. Providing the ability to quickly and easily share content for a more collaborative and productive education experience, it can support projectors or TVs with Display Port or HDMI including remote audio. The WiGig Ethernet connector helps ensure the presenter gets cable-class network connectivity for stable and efficient collaboration with remote locations, helping educators foster an enriching environment where students can easily interact and contribute to classroom discussions. An adapter is also available for VGA-based infrastructures. Here’s a picture of the ports (click on it to see a larger version.

WiGig wireless dock (port view)

The Dell Wireless Dock also can easily connect with Dell Connection Manager supporting WiGig and Wireless LAN settings. Based on the proven IEEE 802.11 standard, The Dell Wireless Dock supports peripherals with 1 front USB 3.0 and 2 back USB 3.0 and collaborates with front Audio In/Out port for voice-over-IP at speeds of up to 4.6 gigabits per second. It is available now as a customer kit worldwide for $249 in the United States via

Dell WiGig wireless dock for Latitude E6430u

About the Author: Brett McAnally