Dell Joins Microsoft and (PRODUCT) RED in the Fight Against AIDS in Africa

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You've probably seen some of the reaction about this in places like Gizmodo, and now I can confirm it. Today, we're making it easy for Dell customers who want to make a difference. Anyone who wants to join us to fight AIDS in Africa can do so by purchasing any of our (PRODUCT) RED-branded PCs. For Dell, this initiative represents an important step in our ongoing commitment to fight the spread of HIV around the globe.

Dell (PRODUCT) RED products are all distinguished by bright red accents and (PRODUCT) RED branding. Each of these systems will come with a special version of Windows Vista Ultimate. Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED includes six unique desktop wallpapers, a screen saver, and two Windows Sidebar gadgets and a (RED)-themed Windows DreamScene.

Dell and Microsoft will make a combined contribution of $50 – 80 depending on the PC purchased to the Global Fund. Dell will contribute $5 for every (PRODUCT) RED printer sold. 100% of the contributed finds will go toward Global Fund-financed grants in Africa. To put it in perspective, the $80 contribution generated by the purchase of the (PRODUCT) RED XPS One with Vista Ultimate  is equivalent to more than six months of life-saving antiretroviral treatment for someone living with AIDS in Africa.

Update 1/24, 10:30am—Here's a cool photo from Davos with Bill Gates, Bono and Michael Dell to celebrate the launch of these products. You can click on it for an enlarged version.

Dell (PRODUCT) RED products are now available for order at They will also be available in Best Buy stores throughout the United States by the end of the week. And beginning January 31, these products will be available through Dell in nearly 30 additional countries.

Now for some details about the (PRODUCT) RED systems. Clicking on the images below will give you a larger picture.


  • This is Dell's all-in-one product that I've blogged about before. Starting price is $1,599—every purchase results in an $80 contribution to The Global Fund.



  • This is our award-winning sub-four pound notebook that regular Direct2Dell readers are pretty familiar with. Starting price of $1,149—purchase results in a $50 contribution to the Global Fund.  



  • This is the larger 15" version of the XPS M1330. Lots of the same design and feature enhancements with a larger display. Starting price oof $1,149—purchase results in a $50 contribution to the Global Fund.  

 Dell 948 All-in-One Printer:

  • The 948 printer integrates fax, scan, copy, print and photo-printing capability together into an easy-to-use package without requiring a connection to a computer. Starting price of $149—purchase results in a $5 contribution to the Global Fund.

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